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So Spa is the ultimate spa experience for a total well-being of the body and mind, harmoniously combining rejuvenating world traditions with therapies and treatments using the latest in French cosmetology. It offers French spa experience blended with Arabian well-being traditions. So Spa works ... More

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Abu Dhabi Body

Available offers...

90min Turkish hammam (1 offer)

  • AED 870 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2023

90min stress relief massage (1 offer)

  • AED 850 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2023

90min massage (1 offer)

  • AED 799 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2023

Available offers...


  • Estimated savings AED 870


  • Estimated savings AED 850


  • Estimated savings AED 799

Redeemable at:

  • Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche


Recent Reviews
Both me and my partner had a 90 minute massage here yesterday! We loved how the therapists stretched out all of our muscles too, we felt amazing afterwards! We did have a hot stone massage a few days before but preferred the Swedish as they spent more time on the massage rather than fiddling with the stones. The only feedback I'd give was for all therapists to all ask clients what pressure they'd like as they asked my partner but not me, it was however just nice, she did ask me though what area I'd like her to focus on though but didn't ask my partner so just think they need to be more consistent. Good massage though!More
Worst Massage I have had in Abu Dhabi. I booked a therapist for 90 mins and without informing me they have sent other therapist. When asked for the therapist I booked, they told me she is tired and left for the day. Later the therapist I booked came to do the message. To my surprise she left massage after 60 mins saying she was not informed of 90 mins. The message she did for 60 mins was also horrible. She was just rubbing oil with so less pressure that once I had a feeling that a kid is doing the message. Seeing the cost of 650 dh, I will not recommend Sospa to anyone. Don't waste your money in this spa. You will find a lot better ones in Abu DhabiMore
This is the the best massage I had experienced so far within Abu Dhabi areas. I tried almost all SPA in the city, grabbing the best offer in Groupon but I was not satisfied. So even the price is doubled here since they are in a 5-star hotel, I said why not try and I didn’t regret because it’s truly worth the money. I just love the ambiance, the scent, the relaxing music and the calmness of the place itself. It’s not a typical massage room where you can hear the noises outside. Indeed, a relaxing eperience. The therapist is so strong that when I asked her that I prefer only a medium touch, she was able to modify it right away. I liked most especially the stretching part in the end part of the massage. What a complete package! Highly recommended for those who are really looking for an authentic SPA experience! 😊😉👍More
I feel like I paid 100 usd to have someone tickle my feet for forty five minutes. The therapist was nice but this was one of the flabbiest, least satisfying massages I’ve ever gotten. I kept on asking for more pressure and she just couldn’t do it - after thirty seconds of trying she would just go back to just ... I can’t even describe the technique - it was like having a fish gently rubbed against your feet. It was not therapeutic. It was just weird. Finally, I just fell asleep, and the therapist dropped something on the floor and woke me me up. I am rarely so unsatisfied with a massage. It would have been more relaxing if I had been left in the room by myself to just sleep. Waste of time and money. Go somewhere else. More
The disappointment starts at the valet parking. Not busy and yet not friendly 👎🏻 Once inside, still not friendly when I was looking for the SPA. At the Spa, the welcoming was ok, but not has expected. The technician was a little late, the reason (I quote) : • She was just coming back from her vacation. • I was her 1ft client since she was back. • She not really doing facial (usually massages), but now that she has her own business back home and she that started to do it there, so she is ok to do it here. • Bla, bla, bla, ... Personally I am not surprised, because the facial was not up to standard, but the massage part was nicely done. On the positive note, I like the products used during the session & the Spa itself is nice and big. Very clean ! Very friendly lady, but too much personal info, too much talking. I came to relax, not to be stressed. This SPA is located in a 5 stars hotel at a not busy period, specifically I came around noon (empty). Definitely NOT up to the standard expected overall and no valid excuse! Training is an issue ! I will not try this place again ☹️ More