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For over 30 years, Dermalogica has been dedicated to delivering healthy skin through innovation, education and professional recommendation. The advanced professional-grade skincare combines innovative technologies and potent ingredients for instant, ... More


All offers are valid until 30th December 2024.
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Available offers...

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary Oxygen Infusion Treatment when a Oxygen Infusion Treatment of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 735 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary Microdermabrasion Facial when a Microdermabrasion Facial of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 683 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary Pro Skin Perfect Facial when a Pro Skin Perfect Facial of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 998 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use
Rain Sim
Rain Sim (3 weeks ago )
Excellent thorough service. I had Mary Ann as my facialist and was very pleased with the treatment. Good assessment and instantly identified concerns that I had suspected but did not have to say. Comfortable and kept on time, which I very much appreciated. Great aftercare advice
Ray Faiz
Ray Faiz (5 months ago )
Update 05/07/2023 - received a call from Manager handling all the Clinics, she was very professional, listening attentively to my experience at the clinic and promised to look into the matter, so that no other customers would hopefully face such a bad experience. I look forward to continue my skin therapy at dermalogica and hopefully my next experience will be a good one. This review is addressed to the management of Dermalogica. It refers to my experience of a facial I’ve had with one of your Skin therapists - Tina, its one of the worst Customer Service/Customer care I’ve ever experienced in any establishment I’ve ever patronized. Giving this feedback, I hope that Dermalogica will consider training their staff on this most important aspect of any brand, excellent customer service. You can have the best product in the world, but if a customer walks out of your center having had a really bad experience, you’ll end up with a good brand/product/service but no one who’d be willing to buy! Having gone through your website and understanding that Dermalogica is a worldwide recognized brand and one of the top in skin care, I was in huge anticipation to have a top class experience. It was anything but that! The consultation was done by Mary Ann, she was friendly and professional and did her best. She recommended I do a facial as a start, after which the next steps will be advised to continue a proper skin treatment at your center. Unfortunately, she was not available on the date and time I was looking for, therefore chose another therapist who was mentioned once in a google review, her name TINA. From the minute I arrived, until I departed, Tina had the worst aura about her, extremely unfriendly, abrupt. Instead of doing her best to provide the best-in-class service and giving me expert and sound advice as her client, she did exactly the opposite, made it a point to ensure I understood loud and clear through her body language and curt and abrupt answers, she couldn’t be less bothered in neither giving me a good experience nor sharing her expert opinion or advice to me. I was just a client that she wanted to do the facial and literally get me out of your clinic fast as possible! I wouldn’t know what prompted her to behave in that way, it could either be she is having a bad day, not happy with her job, or she has a serious attitude problem! I believe this could be fixed if Dermalogica will provide excellent Customer Service training, as many people are not naturally born in knowing how to give this kind of service, they need to be trained on it! While doing my facial, not even once did she ask am I doing OK and was I was comfortable. I’ve been to some of the world’s best saloons and spas, every therapist I’ve come across always had made sure I am comfortable and fine during the therapy. In fact, she never even asked how I liked the treatment she did. I would have assumed after the facial, she would have discussed with me what would be the next steps into my skin routine, such as her recommendation on what skin therapy should I do next from your menu and offered her advice on how to take care of my skin etc. None of that was done, I had to technically ask her all of that, for which she gave very reluctant and abrupt answers not at all cooperative and not in essence, not bothered! She literally was only interested in billing me and hurry me out of the clinic instead! Dermalogica, your services are expensive, and rightfully so considering the name in the industry. However, please ensure that your staff gives their clients good experience for the price we pay. Don’t let us walk out of your clinic thinking our time and money was a total waste!
Sarika Saini
Sarika Saini (a month ago )
This was the first time I had come for a facial to dermalogica at dubai mall. The staff assigned to me was Judy, who I felt was very unhappy seeing me. I was suggested an oxygen facial to which I agreed. She started my facial at 1.03 and stopped at 1.53 pm. This facial was supposed to last for 75 minutes which she shortened to 50 minutes. When asked about it she said the 75 minutes are including the time I reached there filled the form, went to the washroom at Bloomingdales and came back. I found it a bit strange and mentioned it very nicely to her that it doesn’t work that way, instead of listening to me she was very very rude to me. I really feel that I have not got the value for the money I paid for the facial, because the whole process of the facial also felt lazy and not interested by her. Would really appreciate if the management can look into this and really make sure that their employees do not do this to anymore customers. Judy needs to be taught the basic etiquette’s towards customers and also she needs to give the time and value what a customer pays for. Extremely unhappy customer! Sarika
Yara_ Abdullah
Yara_ Abdullah (2 weeks ago )
The worst service ever, i have been there from 2 months ago and there was 2 blonde assistant girls, they treated us very well also they gave us many samples and gifts like gua sha.. but now there is 2 assistant girls one is arabian and the other from africa, there service is the worst service i have ever had, i purchased the same products that i bought last time but they didn't gave us samples also they was thinking if should they give us a tiny small box as a gift or no and then they said you have to spend more than 800drh, They made up an excuse for them because they didn't want to give it to us and they didn't treated us well, why the last time i get many samples and gifts but this time i just get a bad service?? the 2 assistant girls that are working now are the worst assistants ever..
Demi Darr
Demi Darr (3 months ago )
Love the oxygen facial here! The staff is very friendly and helpful and Mary Ann always gives a great facial. My skin has cleared so much since coming here.