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4.3 (based on 513 people)

  • International
With splendid views overlooking Dubai Creek, discover a lavish buffet of global treats over eight live cooking stations at this all-day dining spot. Whether you're joining for a leisurely lunch, dinner or for a Saturday family brunch, enjoy authentic ... More


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We invite you to enjoy a complimentary Saturday Brunch when a Saturday Brunch of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 245 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary Buffet when a Buffet of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 199 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary Buffet when a Buffet of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 199 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use
SABEEH A (in the last week )
this place was amazing. great views of the outdoors especially at night. food was absolutely delicious and the dessert options put out are endless. probably one of the best if not THE best coffee I ever had there. staff were super helpful and were at your reach. as for the ambiance I do like how it was slightly different then what I was use to however, I do wish there was more lighting since I have tripped a several time there at night time. but regardless everything else was absolutely perfect 100% recommend
Khaled Kholaif
Khaled Kholaif (5 months ago )
Good restaurants with fantastic ambiance, Eid vibes are great, The staff are very nice especially chef Mustafa 5/5 Wide range of options Live cooking counters with pizza, noddle, option to choose from different seafood , desserts section was so yummy Cuisines included are Indian, Thai, Arabic
Adam Basheer
Adam Basheer (8 months ago )
Came here for lunch/dinner and was amazed. Firstly the atmosphere of the place itself is incredible. There is a great variety in food and it is all presented very nicely, everything tastes delicious. The staff here are very nice and while making a specific order for an amazing pasta , I met the nicest waiter I have ever seen. His name was Mustafa and made our experience 10 times better. He was very kind and hospitable and for him , it was just his first week or so working here, yet he seemed very professional and made our experience much better . I highly recommend this place and if you get Mustafa as your waiter , you are lucky.
Fauziah Farouk
Fauziah Farouk (6 months ago )
An Enchanting International Buffet at Anise Restaurant Recently, I had the pleasure of dining at Anise Restaurant with my colleagues, and I must say that the international buffet dinner we experienced was nothing short of perfection. Anise Restaurant truly took us on a gastronomic journey worldwide, showcasing an impressive variety of cuisines from around the world. The fusion of flavours, the attention to detail, and the exceptional service made it an evening to remember. Ambience: As we entered Anise Restaurant, we were captivated by the charming ambience. The modern yet cosy decor, soothing lighting, and comfortable seating created an inviting atmosphere. The spacious dining area ensured that even during peak hours, we could enjoy our meal relaxed and unhurriedly. The restaurant exuded an inviting and elegant ambience, we never felt crowded or overwhelmed. Variety and Quality of Food: The buffet spread was a true feast for the senses, offering a remarkable array of international cuisines and flavours. Every dish was a work of art, from fresh seafood to succulent meats, vibrant salads to delectable desserts. The attention to detail and commitment to using high-quality ingredients was evident in every bite. Whether you preferred Italian delicacies, Asian specialities, or classic comfort foods, there was something to please every palate. Standout Dishes: Exquisite Sushi Selection: The sushi station showcased an impressive assortment of freshly prepared sushi rolls. The vibrant colours and impeccable presentation were a testament to the skill of the sushi chefs. Each piece was a burst of umami goodness, and our group couldn't resist returning for seconds. The chef even made sure he prepared several trays of sushi platters for our table of 14 people. Decadent Dessert Bar: The dessert selection was a sight to behold. From dainty pastries to creamy cheesecakes, velvety mousses to luscious chocolate creations, it was a paradise for those with a sweet tooth. Service: The restaurant staff provided exceptional service throughout the evening. They were attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable, ensuring our glasses were never empty and promptly clearing our plates. They were always ready with a smile and went above and beyond to accommodate any special requests or dietary restrictions. Naseeb was amazing in and out and always returned to ensure we were well cared for. The manager, Mr. Akshat Bahal, went high and above to ensure the booking process was smooth and easy. Overall Experience: Our buffet dinner at this restaurant was an evening of pure gastronomic bliss. The food's outstanding variety and quality, with the elegant ambience and exceptional service, made it an unforgettable dining experience. It was the perfect setting to bond with colleagues, indulge in culinary delights, and create lasting memories. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for an extraordinary buffet dining experience. Anise Restaurant is a must-visit for anyone seeking an enchanting gastronomic journey around the world.
Amer Nabulsi
Amer Nabulsi (8 months ago )
Ambience is iftar relevant, wide variety of food though more on the indian side than international and Arabic. Food taste lacked on the spices or maybe my taste buds are not tasting it properly. Not a fan of open buffets but thanks for hosting us