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Udrive Rent-A-Car

4.1 (based on 69 people)

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Udrive Rent-A-Car provides the best driving experience at the most affordable prices. They offer the best car-sharing and rental services whether to rent a car for a couple of hours or an entire day. You can rely on them for all your car rental needs ... More
P (3 months ago )
A rip off. They wanted to charge me 25 BHD to clean the car. When I complained, they dropped it to 15 BHD. I took the car and had it cleaned for 3 BHD. Steer clear of this company.
May Omar
May Omar (11 months ago )
I have been using Udrive for a few years now when I needed car. This year I have used their service for several months. I must say that their customer service was impeccable, they delivered the car to my house, they are super friendly and professional, I was contacted yesterday for a standard car service check. They gave me a replacement car and made a thorough check on the car where they changed the tyres, the wippers and made serval other adjustments including a car wash and return it back on the same day! I am supper impressed & happy with their service and wishing them all the best. Highly recommended
P Fry
P Fry (3 years ago )
The team at Udrive are always great to deal with. They focus on the needs of the customer and give great service. I've used them for over a year with no problems. The people at the Seef office are really lovely to deal with. Wasn't sure how to say thanks so I've done a review instead. Highly recommended.
Rocky Sim
Rocky Sim (9 months ago )
Had a very bad experience with Udrive. Got the Eco sports car which was not fit for the road. There is message already showing the car service is due and stops in middle of the road. Returned same day
Jayeshkumar Darji
Jayeshkumar Darji (a year ago )
Today morning I went to hire a Car at Juffair branch. Unfortunately the deal was cancelled when I got to see many scratch on front lights of the selected Car (Nissan). The point is firstly I saw by walking 200 m away from the office. And when they carried to the office location I found the defect and rejected my deal. In between I paid 4 days rent 39 BD and 50 BD deposit. At the end , after cancelling the deal, 39 BD was return back which was deducted from my Credit card but they blocked 50 BD and did not credited to my account of credit card. If I am not hiring a car how come 50 BD deposit can be blocked? It is shocking and surprise. Above all , the staff is so unprofessional. I will not suggest or recommend U-drive to hire car. Anybody explain and clarify from U-drive?