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Subway - Oman

4.1 (based on 73 people)

  • American
The SUBWAY brand is the world's largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 44,000 locations around the world. We have become the leading choice for people seeking quick, nutritious meals that the whole family can enjoy. Eat Fresh ... More
Karim Doha
Karim Doha (a year ago )
Good customer service with the renowned subway quality
Ibrahim Al Bahrani
Ibrahim Al Bahrani (6 months ago )
The staff are amazing the best customer service i got in any subway branch Staff Hassan
Hamza Sayed
Hamza Sayed (3 years ago )
Visited them last week for breakfastt for takeaway. Surprisingly breakfast menu was unavailable, when asked for my fav spicy Italian this again was not available. The choice of dressing was very limited. Only two type of breads avaialbe. Ordered a chicken tikka, the chicken was soggy and tasted not good. Added few toasties but they were out of chicken that had to be in them. Ordered peperoni toasty and a veggie toasty as I had no choice on that menu. Most cookies were also not available Most frustrating experience, the staff simply had no answer but to say "not available". Sure iv visited subways elsewhere but this branch is the worst of its kind with staff that are not customer oriented nor trained to make sandwiches. Dont know if this guy was a trainee but he spoiled the toasties too as it wasn't heated at right temprearure. Poor skills & customer service. Couldn't get back to them on spot as I was heading out of muscat. I hope this branch learns to keep things right and maintain their standards.
Yasmeen Merchant Modi
Yasmeen Merchant Modi (a year ago )
The staff specially the manager is very rude. They have a problem if you use entertainer app. Every time we use entertainer they have some or the other issue. This time it was the heights, they cancelled the bill and took the order back and denied to serve. Highly dissapointed. They were very rude and said its ok if you write a review it really doesnt matter to them. We had an offer of 25%off on the total bill. We bought 2 subs. The staff made the bill in such a way that discount was given only on 1 sub. After arguments he decided to take back the order and cancel the bill which was extremely rude.
Deepak T
Deepak T (4 years ago )
Great place for quick bites.