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Baytoti - EP

4.4 (based on 1764 people)

  • Chinese
Baytoti - Eastern Province is a Chinese fast-casual chain of restaurants. At Baytoti, we make sure that you feel comfortable by offering comfortable ambience, delicious food, high-quality ingredients, generous portion and friendly service at ... More
Bilal Tahir
Bilal Tahir (a month ago )
This Chinese restaurant in the eastern province stands out as one of the best in the area, and it's easy to see why. The taste of their dishes is truly amazing, showcasing the flavors of Chinese cuisine at its finest. The friendly staff only add to the positive experience, making you feel welcome and valued as a customer. A noteworthy feature is their partnership with the Entertainer app, which allows you to enjoy fantastic value. With a buy-one-get-two-free offer on main courses, dining here becomes even more attractive. However, it's important to note that the sitting area is a bit on the smaller side. Especially on weekends when it gets crowded, you may encounter a waiting time of 30 to 50 minutes. Despite this, the overall dining experience, from the delectable food to the friendly service, is well worth a visit.
Zeeshan Qamar
Zeeshan Qamar (2 months ago )
It's definitely a hidden gem in terms of Chinese food. This is one of the best Chinese foods in the Khobar area. We were looking for some Chinese food, and we ended up here. The food was very good. We ordered spring rolls, chicken Tao, Mongolian beef, chicken noodles, and shrimp. Everything was great. The service, food, and atmosphere were good. The spring rolls were crispy and tasted really yummy. Chicken Tao and its sauce was mouth-watering. The prices were reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to review the serving sizes. Overall, it was great food , service, and atmosphere. I would recommend everyone who is looking for Chinese food to give a try.
Wali Muhammad
Wali Muhammad (4 months ago )
Never had so much bad experience of Chinese in Khobar, the sitting arrangement were comfortable, toilet was new but highly uncleaned, we ordered beef noodles, beef K, hot n sour soup and Chinese rice, the soup had no taste at all, mild hot but tasteless, not even finished with the soup they served all other ordered dishes shows unprofessionalism, the noodles were oily, the beef K was sweat didn't like it all, had to order Chinese rice again as portion was so small, spent like 140 SAR for 2 and half person. I would say my 7 year daughter can cook better Chinese.
Meer Nizam
Meer Nizam (7 months ago )
Great place for Chinese food. All items we ordered were tasty, the prices are reasonable especially since Entertainer is accepted, the staff is friendly and courteous, the service is quick and the ambience is casual and open. Will definitely visit again.
Marie The beauty explorer
Marie The beauty explorer (4 weeks ago )
The place is clean , the staff are friendly and accomodating, the foods are not to expensive we pay for 107sr for everything 😉