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Simple Hair Salon

4.1 (based on 842 people)

  • Beauty
  • Hair & Nails
Simple Hair Salon offers beauty services, including nail care, hair care, massages and facials ... More


All offers are valid until 30th December 2024.​
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Available offers...

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary Haircut when a Haircut of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 142 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary Blow-Dry when a Blow-Dry of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 157 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary Manicure or Pedicure Gel when a Manicure or Pedicure Gel of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 230 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use
M M (2 months ago )
The best salon experience I’ve had in Riyadh by now. The efficiency and dedication the hair colorist Nina has is on the highest level. She’s a great listener and very patient. She exactly tells you everything in details about the expected results before she charges you and proceed. Emily is very caring with a soft touch. Both Nina & Emily work as a team to achieve best possible results. Everyone here is warm and welcoming. First thing they do is ask you what beverage you’d want to have. The hair washing area is the best ever. The complementary massage bed I had while I was washing my hair was amazing. Overall, I love it. I love my hair color and I’m very satisfied. I’m definitely be a regular. Bless you & Big thank you all.
razaz a
razaz a (2 months ago )
I’m a loyal customer to this hair salon since 7 years .. I highly recommend it for hair color, cut, lashes and the massage . I don’t need to book just walk in and the staff will take care of me. Marlyn* is my favorite hairstylist with her friendly personality and professional skills. In general the staff her is well trained and made you feel good.- Well deserved 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
ran ology
ran ology (3 months ago )
I love them all They are the best Salon I ever been a customer for they have a good vibe reasonable prices beautiful people yeah, Judy is the best for lashes Mel is the best one for nails Rainsy is the best one for haircut and hair color Addie Marie is the best one for managing the place. She’s super nice. Sweet is the best assistant and cashier Nana is the best for her coloring and haircuts awesome Marlene is the best of everything pedicure and manicure lashes eyebrows massage massage Janessa is the best one will take care of you Emily and Paul, Emily and Paris are the best for a blow drying and coloring
A N (3 months ago )
This is my only and best place to color or even cut my hair, all of them are professional, I had an amazing experience with Ransi. She did a wonderful job with coloring and styling my hair. I couldn't be happier with the results. Highly recommended.
noura alharkan
noura alharkan (a week ago )
Many thanks to Rancy & Emily for the dye service is was very wonderful with them, and the results were also beautiful. I also thank them for the good treatment and customer satisfaction.