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Head Rock VR

4 (based on 414 people)

  • Attractions
Opening for the first time ever in Southeast Asia, Head Rock VR promises to bring out the adventurer in you with a larger-than-life experience. It offers different themes and 11 extreme attractions to choose from for you to enjoy the fun. Looking for ... More

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We invite you to enjoy a complimentary Play 5 when a Play 5 of equal or greater value is purchased.

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  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
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Sebastian Teh
Sebastian Teh (2 weeks ago )
Went there a few times , last was with my wife. We had a great time there as the rides are fun and safe. It's like riding a roller coaster without the need to worry about physical danger. This place is certainly design for family, especially for parents with kids. The setup is pretty condusive and comfortable as it's fully sheltered from the sun and rain. Great for a quick get away for you and your family to have a blast while staying fully sheltered.
Tony Sen (Toni senpai)
Tony Sen (Toni senpai) (4 months ago )
Went there on 24th July 2023. It costed $53 pax for 5 tickets each. They give you this panda face covering for hygiene purposes. For those with glasses take off your glasses, put on the mask then your glasses again But everything went downhill from there. All of the rides had horrible lacklustre voice acting. On storm blizzard especially the dude saying his dogs’ names annoyed me to no end They weren’t too exciting either, mainly due to the passable graphics. The staff was also not very helpful. They’re pretty aggressive when taking off the VR headset and my glasses were still in it on storm blizzard when they took it off for me In addition, there isnt a staff member around at all the things, so sometimes when I need to adjust my headset I just take it off and do it on my own. The rides had problems frequently too. Jungle rafting in particular needed to he restarted twice since one of us cant see anything on both times then we just sort of gave up on it (staff troubleshooting was rly bad) The most fun I had was at the games. Fruit ninja was really fun and zombie busters was alright skyscraper was honestly a letdown because you shoot like 5 robots and cut one wire and thats it The main reason why this place sucks is that it tries to be so many things with VR. It tries to be an amusement park, it tries to be a shooter game and it tries to be a vr arcade. The only thing original they have is jump jump. For shooter games we have zero latency and sandbox vr, for amusement park universal studios is literally a couple stops away and for vr arcadesyou have v-room and others. Combine that with the location of the very west of sentosa, you get an overpriced vr place that only serves to trap those curious enough to check it out Unless you have really young kids or have nothing better to do, this was not worth the price. If you insist on going, three tickets is more than enough.
Muhammad Danial Qaid Zamri Abdullah
Muhammad Danial Qaid Zamri Abdullah (3 weeks ago )
Headrock VR deserves a solid 5 stars! The range of virtual reality experiences is diverse and captivating. The quality of the VR simulations is top-notch, providing an immersive and realistic adventure. The staff's enthusiasm and helpfulness contribute to a positive atmosphere, making the visit enjoyable from start to finish. Whether you're a VR enthusiast or a first-timer, Headrock VR offers an unforgettable and thrilling experience that is well worth the visit. I had an incredible experience at the VR theme park! Went here with my family. The immersive virtual reality rides were mind-blowing, offering a perfect blend of thrill and realism. The attention to detail in the virtual environments was exceptional, making each attraction a unique adventure. The staff was very friendly and accommodating, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the visit. Definitely a must-try for anyone seeking an unforgettable virtual reality adventure!
Ashley Matthew Teo
Ashley Matthew Teo (11 months ago )
Rides were incredibly fun and it was a good experience with the family. Staff were really helpful in briefing us the safety regulations and setting up our VR headsets. However there were very little staff accommodating to the visitors that day so for some rides, we had to wait for a bit while the staff tended to other people. There was a technical error to one of our games too so the wait time extended. However, the staff managed to troubleshoot the error. While it's a really good experiences, sometimes waiting spoils the fun.
Penny Liu
Penny Liu (7 months ago )
Staff are friendly. Price are a bit steep but great in door activity. Suitable activity for both young children or adults. It provides many choices and great VR experiences. It’s hard to find, we took bus A and 3-5mins walking distance from the bus stop. Tickets are cheaper online, so do some research beforehand you can save a few dollars there