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Genuine, good ol’ Aussie-style grub packed with flavour and made with all things fresh. From an expansive breakfast menu, massive salads and sandwiches for lunch and simple punchy dinner plates, hearty fares are available throughout the day. ... More

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Florian Parzhuber
Florian Parzhuber (a month ago )
Food and location and the cooking speed were great. The semi-Al-fresco seating is nice, especially when the sun is out. The self-service in the tiny shop was disappointing. Waiters forced their way through and made customers wait for their turn. We also had to ask twice for the sugar syrup, because they forgot about it the first time. My biggest gripe was the hefty price. 77 SGD for a tiny breakfast for 3 people with only 1 drink seems to be quite hefty.
Aleksei Skokov
Aleksei Skokov (2 months ago )
Steak and Eggs swimming in mayo. Must have been the most unhealthy and bad meal I’ve had in Singapore. Too much mayonnaise, the meal was completely drenched in it, my cholesterol has probably gone through the roof, nobody asked about Iced Matcha sweetness, so they made it so sweet I’m probably leaving the place with type 2 diabetes. Tuna sandwich took 27 minutes to cook, although before we paid at the register and wanted to change the meal, we were advise it’s too late, the kitchen started preparing it… Overall the worst experience for 73$ Oh… and where’s my water?! Useless and hopeless. UPD: Tuna Mayo… couldn’t allow myself to leave this unmentioned, now I know that not only you can mess up easiest to make sandwich with 3 ingredients, but also make it utterly disgusting. Bravo! What’s in the photos is what is left for someone else to enjoy. Too bad we already paid, would have been my first time in almost 4 decades walking out without paying.
Chun Wui Tan
Chun Wui Tan (a month ago )
Always lovely coffee with excellent food and cheery staff. He breakfast steak options - steak and eggs open-faced sandwich or wrap - are definite must tries. Just some feedback I'd have would perhaps be to take a little more care with eggshells in eggs. I've bit into shells at least twice now.
Anton 999
Anton 999 (3 months ago )
We came here for weekend brunch recently. The location is a little dingy and run down, in part because it’s semi al fresco. You sit where you like, then order and pay at the counter and they bring the food to the table. Service was quite fast when we were there, and we found it reasonably friendly. The menu isn’t huge but it’s interesting. The place reminds me somewhat of Boomerang but the food is a bit better and commensurately more expensive. It’s not cheap. For the steak and eggs, the eggs were done well, but the steak was over cooked. The fry up wasn’t bad but the maple syrup I could have done without. It’s also hard to cut the thick bacon with the cheap table knives they give you. Again, the eggs were proper and the baked beans were nice. The mushrooms were just oily fried mushrooms and the tomatoes were okay but nothing special. The tater tots tasted very Boomerang: like something out of the frozen food aisle of the supermarket, and the country sourdough was okay but didn’t really taste like sourdough. There was no flavor to it. Coffee was good. I’d say the four stars for the food here is a bit of a gift, but it’s better than three. Would I come back? Maybe. Wouldn’t be my first choice, as I think the value proposition could be better.
Mei Yi Yeap
Mei Yi Yeap (2 months ago )
Had the halloumi bowl which is delicious. Service is a tad slow. Really crowded on a Sunday afternoon. So had to take outdoors seat which got a little warm. Cannot accommodate request for change of sides