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36 Degree Laundry

4.9 (based on 49 people)

  • Cleaning
36 Degree Laundry is the ideal cleaning centre for all your personal and households needs. Let us take care of your garments with love, top-quality detergents and enzyme-based - not alkaline, filtered water. Our services include dry, lagoon, wet and ... More
Hanisah Mahmud
Hanisah Mahmud (3 weeks ago )
This is my 2nd time here. Very satisfied with their service! The garments smell really nice. Definitely my go-to dry cleaning shop. Keep it up 👏🏻
Rosidah Bahari
Rosidah Bahari (a week ago )
It's the best laundry service ever.. Send the winter clothing and it smells really good Its so clean and no trace of cotton ball. Nana is polite and diligent.I strongly recommend this place
Sit Heng Loke
Sit Heng Loke (2 months ago )
Very knowledgeable and teaches us how to take care of our clothes. They also able to handle everything we sent to them. You can try their services. RECOMMENDED.
CFK (2 months ago )
Some days back, we sent saree for dry cleaning. Cleaning was handled professionally and with care. The lady even recommended us to the tailor in time we need it urgently. Not only garments were well taken care, she also handled situation with utmost care. E.g. she will text and notify us it is ready, she will wait at her shop until we arrive despite the fact that she needs to go elsewhere. 5★
AA (7 months ago )
I have been sending my clothes here every other week since 2016. The boss is knowledgeable and knows how to take good care of fabrics. I usually send for wash and iron given the fact I have no time to do it myself and I can't iron well 😄. What they do here is going above and beyond, providing quality service.