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Altafs Balti

4.1 (based on 285 people)

  • Indian
At Altafs Balti, we have a passion to serve the most authentic taste of Kashmiri food for our discerning diners. Our chefs deliver a wide range of choices from your favourite traditional and balti dishes, all cooked with our special mix of Kashmiri ... More
Ria Knott
Ria Knott (3 months ago )
Takeaways, never eaten in. Been using them for years never had a bad meal. Delivery is always reasonable time as well. Tried a new meal the other night on the chefs specials and by god was it LUSH… just YUM !! Thank you
pete finch
pete finch (2 weeks ago )
Very shocking food. Prawn cocktail didn’t contain any Marie Rose sauce, was just juice from the salad. Meat samosas looked like they were re-heated from the day before and I could’ve used them for a golf ball.The vindaloo was missing spice, I’ve eaten a korma more spicier. Poppadoms were all soft and soggy. Asked for a refund in exchange for the food but they refused that. I would rather soil in my hands and clap, than order from these again.
BadgerZ (2 weeks ago )
I've been eating here for half a decade. Normally the portions are generous enough that you can actually feed 2 with 1 rice and 1 main. This has changed in the last few weeks with them drastically cutting down on howmuch meat is in the sauce and rice pots 3/4. This is after putting prices up so rice is now over £4. Theyve always include onions and chutney with the poppadoms but not anymore. If you fancy a curry order from masala lounge or little India both of which are fantastic and generous.
123 Anonymouse
123 Anonymouse (4 months ago )
Was looking for takeaway dinner after 9pm on a weekday and this was one of the few places open and not too far a drive. Ordered take away online which was relatively straightforward. Food was nice, service ok. Disappointed that no cutlery available (not even for extra fee). How do you eat a curry and rice without a spoon or a fork??? Told there was a Spar across the road, which might sell cutlery if open… Had paid online, otherwise would have left at this point.
JS (a month ago )
I came to Altafs in September 2023, this was my third visit to the Restaurant. Firstly, we were really surprised to see how quiet it was considering it was a Friday night. Because of this there wasn't much atmosphere. I ended up ordering a Chicken Jalfrezi, Pilau Rice with Peshwari Naan and a couple of Onion Bhajis. The food was okay, nothing special. The Jalfrezi wasn't quite as spicy as I expected. The Peshwari Naan was missing that sweet Coconut flavour to it, so it was basically a Plain Naan. Also, the Onion Bhajis were predominantly batter without much filling to it. The service was very good. Our food and drinks were brought out to the table pretty swiftly. All in all, a fair rating would be 3/5. I would say the food was definitely better on my first two visits.