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Andrea's Bagel Crust Pizza

3.8 (based on 47 people)

  • Pizza
Do you wonder how the taste and texture of a pizza with bagel dough feels? Andrea’s Bagel Crust Pizza will solve this mystery. You can also build your own pizza and enjoy your own masterpiece ... More
Nicola Morgan
Nicola Morgan (a year ago )
When I spoke to them on the phone they were not very polite and unfortunately they were not willing to do half/half pizzas. I ordered the Chicken Avocado and Thai Green Curry Chicken pizzas and the pizzas were good…. but not that good for the price. I also have no idea why they call themselves Bagel Crust since their base is just like any other pizza place. I did like that they included pots with extra cheese and chilli flakes though. Probably won’t be returning though as it wasn’t worth the price. 👎
Carmen (a year ago )
Lasagna was great - cheesy, and a good sauce - but the bagel-crust pizza - I',m not 100% sure I can differentiate how this pizza is meant to be different from other pizzas. The truffle pizza was good in terms of flavour, but it's also quite greasy.. would be great hangover food, but maybe not something I'd reorder for a standard dinner.
Viren Mohindra
Viren Mohindra (2 years ago )
Right, so first off the staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating. They’re really sweet, hence the three stars. Unfortunately there are better pizza spots in and around SYP. The two issues I faced when ordering from Andrea’s is that: 1. The pizzas don’t hold up and I can’t justify the already reasonable price at all. Pouring condiments over doesn’t hide the tastelessness. If you’re drunk and need a quick bite sure, but this isn’t a place I’d recommend trying out for actual good pizza. 2. In the both times I’ve ordered I’ve had to hit the bathroom in the morning. The first time I placed an order they got my order incorrect. Not an issue, foodpanda sorted this out instantly. In the other occasion (the most recent one) the pizza wasn’t even sliced into separate pieces. Again, not a reason to deduct points, but thought I should point it out. I’ve tried giving this place multiple chances but I honestly don’t see myself ordering from here again.
Tiffany Tong
Tiffany Tong (3 years ago )
This spot is so highly recommended by my friends, big love ! Such unique pizza due to the bagel crust texture. Had the pepperoni pizza and truffle one and both were delicious. The truffle one in particular has this great creamy truffle cheese flavour and because it has no tomato sauce it was an even more interesting type of pizza. I literally cannot rave about the bagel crust more... i'm obsessed like honestly... chef's kiss. the penny flooring is also really cool, i like how the oxidation gives it variation and character Love it !!
Stella Lam
Stella Lam (5 years ago )
Owner is not friendly. The crust is not a bagel crust. I've ordered the same pizza (urban hangover cure) twice and they were both different. One time the flavor was really good. The other time they put some kind of spicy mayo or sriracha mayo on top of the pizza which made it worse. The place itself is clean and fast though.