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Ann's Smart School of Cookery

3.3 (based on 309 people)

  • Creative Arts & Education
Ann's Smart School of Cookery is an intimate dining and learning experience, where you can gain insider tips and tricks of the trade from Ann as well as a specialist celebrity, professional and smart-school trained chefs, in an informal and relaxed ... More
Barbara Sgorlon
Barbara Sgorlon (a week ago )
It’s a combination of cooking class and tasting menu! You learn plenty of tips and tricks while cooking and tasting! Amazing to experience with friends or on your own.
Ellis Sharp
Ellis Sharp (a month ago )
Fab evening at the smoke & spice class led by Andy (who is brilliant!). You don’t get to do everything yourself, you go up in pairs or groups and take it in turns to do each part, but this means you can learn and listen and watch! It’s stress free, great food and so many useful tips shared by Andy that we’ll definitely use! Bought some Smokies bags, salt and even booked on for future classes and got some as gifts. Would thoroughly recommend. Mocktails were delicious as well.
Robert O'Neill
Robert O'Neill (a month ago )
Andy was fantastic. Really lovely to chat to. Kept the mood nice and fun. Kept everyone feeling included. Didn't put anyone on the spot and helped keep everyone at ease. Great valuable cooking tips on top of the excellent dim sum class. Really helped make the recipe feel approachable. Nice cosy venue with lots of stuff nearby for after. Enjoyed our time, and have already bought another class. Would recommend for a date night.
Kristina Todorova
Kristina Todorova (a month ago )
I did the Dim sum and Wonton masterclass for 2 hours. We were a group of 15 people. Ann is lovely and knowledgeable, the food was tasty, everyone got to try making the dim sum and Wontons at least a few times. But especially if you are doing it for the first time, don't expect to get the shape perfect. Practice makes perfect! It's a very stress relieving way to spend your weekend and learn something. Also perfect for couples. Honestly, all other people were in couples, I was only on my own, and the whole atmosphere was really positive and enjoyable.
Francis Hammell
Francis Hammell (3 weeks ago )
Andy was a great host for the 2 hour session. We were in group of 13, and everybody had an opportunity to participate in preparing the Chinese dumplings and wantons, before consuming them. Leant several useful facts, which will inform my future cooking. This was a gift experience from a relative, and was an unexpected pleasure.