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2.9 (based on 582 people)

  • Fashion
ASOS is a global fashion destination for 20-somethings, selling all the freshest styles complemented by exclusive content, making the hub of a thriving fashion community and giving the audience the confidence to be whoever they want to be. ... More
John Flynn
John Flynn (3 months ago )
They must pay staff to post positives here,,, A truly shocking service and anyone wanting to know what feeing suicidal is like should try their chat facility ! Shocking indictment of this once customer friendly company that has got so big it is really just a mechanical corporate monster now Emails ignored messages ignored and my money just gone ! Wont even chase it up any further I will just put the loss of £50 down to experience, I typed the wrong email address for one of my boys and no matter how hard I tried (sometimes on chat for periods in excess of two hours) no resolution Disgusting and even Nick the CEO failed to reply to my email... In effect robbed of £50 and that after over a decade of loyal custom with all my boys getting vouchers every birthday and every Xmas Truthfully this represents what we have to look forward to in terms of our treatment by companies in the future Total efficiency in getting our cash into their till but a brick wall when you try to recover lost funds Never again Truthfully in 2023 do we believe that me leaving one letter out of an email address means ASOS cant find my £50 which they debited from my bank account Shame on them
Mo Mar
Mo Mar (2 months ago )
Wish I could leave zero stars. The offer a customer service that is no where near customer service, they don’t listen to what you say or try to understand and don’t know how to explain basic mathematics. First chat experience : could not explain what he insists where the T&Cs and then promised to get a person to contact me. Never happened. Today I tried again. I get the same response and then when I ask to explain the basic maths to prove their case, the “customer service agent” just ends the chat with me. It’s disgusting and shocking how a company like this can operate this way. I asked 3-5 times to speak to a Manager, they just ignore your request. I guess robots don’t have managers.
Ronald Maassen
Ronald Maassen (a month ago )
Not flexible at all. One day too late to request a return of clothes. (as they changed their return policy from 28 to 14 days you reach this quickly). On chat you talk to robots. If a company wants you to keep 200 euro products you will never wear is really bad and unsustainable. Customers will walk away asos, you will pay the price yourself at the end. Good look with your bad business - another customer left and will talk negatively about this brand and it’s service! Btw see this as a zero star review.
Georges Merhej
Georges Merhej (3 months ago )
Worst company ever to keep their promises when it comes to expected delivery date. They have good clothes but their service is extremely slow, no one will answer you quickly and you will have to wait forever to get your parcel. Plus if you want to cancel your order and get a refund, you have to wait 21 days for them open an investigation then another 10 days to get your refund. What a poor service. Will never order again from Asos.
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall (4 months ago )
HORRENDOUS COMPANY! Who is running this business? I will NEVER order from them again. Pathetic customer service with NO phone line, only chats who barely speak English and are not literate to communicate via chat. ASOS has stolen my money, won't honor a current promotion even though the item was ordered LESS than 24 hours ago. The order is confirmed and not yet shipped, yet the customer service says it is shipped. Another agent tells me now the item is out of stock - all you get is form responses from the customer service "team." Totally unacceptable management of a retail company; pathetic, and I thought much higher of ASOS until now. NEVER AGAIN!