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AYothaya Thai Spa

Ayothaya Thai Spa was founded on the principals and traditions of the centuries-old art form of therapeutic Thai massage. It is committed to providing you with an amazing experience which will leave your mind and soul rejuvenated and refreshed. The Ayothaya experience includes Thai traditional ... More

29, 1st Avenue East
Parktown North
+27 76 595 8325
AYothaya Thai Spa

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Johannesburg & Pretoria

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60min combination massage (1 offer)

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  • Valid until 1st Jan 2023

45min standard pedicure (1 offer)

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45min foot spa (1 offer)

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  • Parktown North

    Parktown North


Recent Reviews
I was looking for a genuinely good massage but I was not prepared to pay an arm and a leg. The cost here was way over priced for a makeshift type of spa environment, torn white towels turned grey, floral bedsheets and decor that is old and tired. I would’ve preferred paying slightly more and going to an upmarket spa rather than paying an upmarket price for a mediocre spa. The massage wasn’t too bad but the cocky owner/manager that I encountered after the massage undid all the healing benefits of the massage.More
From arrival to leaving, it was smiles and the focus was on us. The reception has relaxing Thai-spa music, and it's kept at an even/comfortable volume. We were immediately welcomed with a green tea, on a tray, signature water and a heated and rolled face cloth and after that we were escorted to our treatments. The professional manicure was ended off with a head and shoulders Thai-massage. The other treatment a foot spa and massage was brilliant and relaxing. This was also ended with a shoulder massage. The staff were friendly, smiling and accommodating, throughout, even those walking through that were not delivering any service to us. A highly recommended Thai-spa experience, you don't have to go all the way to Thailand. More
I booked this massage for my parents. it was their first massage in a lifetime. they really enjoyed it. they had no complains. i was refereed by my cousin to AYothaya Thai Spa. Thank youMore
Booked the 90 min combination massage. My therapist was brilliant but Monica who was my wifes therapist was not. She had no technique and just wasnt interested. We had to stop her a few times to ask what is the problem but she does no speak English. The Worst part was that the usually relaxing music switched over to Gangnam Style! I am NOT kidding, I thought someone was playing a joke however, the therapists were happy to let this music play. The problem now is that every time I hear this song i'm conflicted as to whether I should feel upbeat or relaxed :-) I told the owner that Monica was not good at all and her excuse was that she has a different technique as she is used to Thai massage. We did NOT book a thai massage. A poor indifferent response from the manager is what led to this review. Never again, be warnedMore
While I really enjoyed the dermatologica facial, the full body aromatherapy massage was rather disappointing, with inconsistent massage technique. Also, the sheets were not clean. More