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Bangkok Jam

Inspired by the vivacious “Land of Smiles”, Bangkok Jam started with a refreshing idea - to offer a unique interpretation of traditional Thai fare for diners seeking a cosy dining experience. Helmed by a dedicated Thai culinary team, each of the ingredients is meticulously handpicked to convey Read More

1 Kim Seng Promenade, #02-127
River Valley
Great World City
+65 6732 4523

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Recent Reviews
This is where the Bangkok Jam chain started, and the resto has survived the Great World City mega renovation. The food is ok, not as good as the better standalone Thai joints, but still better than other chains like Basil Thai Kitchen at Paragon (the worst!) or ThaiExpress. Tháis like their good a bit sweet, but the Fish Head Tom Yum Curry is definitely off the mark - diabetics might collapse eating too much of the sauce!Read more
I found this restaurant when I was strolling in the great world city with my family. It looked so decent and the ambience was nice so we decided to get lunch here. Despite the first impression this restaurant has the worst service I have ever experienced in my life. We ordered three dishes and a drink and two dishes we ordered comes with complimentary drinks. It took almost 30 minutes for them to serve one dish. That was also not what we ordered. Instead of pork they served us seafood pad Thai. Then after about another 10 minutes they served my daughters food. Still I didn’t get what I ordered or the drinks. Even the people who arrived after me were served before me. Then I had to remind them the order again and it was served almost after one hour from the time we placed the order. Unbelievable! There was not even and apology. The serving girl just placed the plate at the edge of the table and rushed away. After we reminded them about our drinks they served just one drink and we also gave up the effort by that time. The staff was hardly organized. Taking orders and serving done by young girls who don’t have any experience in what they do! An apology for curtsy could have done some effect on us. But still they aren’t trained with enough work place etiquette. According to my husband the pad Thai was tasty even if it wasn’t what he ordered. My daughter also ate her food without a fuss as it was so late and she was starving. The simple Thai rice dish I ordered was below the average and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I was never had this bad experience in any restaurant and please don’t go to this place unless you have enough time to kill! Read more
Having to go to a place that isn't crowded, booked or closed is a challenge on Father's Day. So in the end, we decided to give Bangkok Jam a try. Ambience could have been better to suit and make guests more at home. Lighting should also be improved. Service is ok despite that the restaurant was not full and only like a quarter of the tables were occupied. Food ordered was a bit slow and they missed out a dish or two we ordered. Had both the sead food and chicken pad thai, the 8 hour beef broth noodle soup, plain tom yam soup, fried chicken thai wings stuffed with meat, thai fish cake, thai spring rolls, thai chicken cutlet with jasmine rice. Ordered the thai lemongrass, mango and avocado drinks. Overall a bit pricey for the food we ordered at $175.Read more
The city of Angles, another name for Bangkok based on historical dug out. This restaurant located in great work city has excellent and personable staff service. A few must try the 8 hours slow cook beef noodle. It’s like almost drinking the galaxy stars in your mouth - it’s life-changing. For a side dish, I topped it along with the salad, which ultimately makes the whole experience heavenly. The restaurant name is - Bangkok Jam. Read more
Love thai food and loved our visit to bangkok jam. The food was great and yummy and the service was prompt. The manager was attentive to our needs. The place boasts a casual and relazed atmosphere, perfect for hanging out with friends!Read more