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Basilico Newlands

Basilico welcomes you with Italian passion and culinary delights like delicious pizza, gourmet salads and home-made pasta. Choose from our inspired dishes such as the springbok, avocado, pine nuts and pecorino salad or the tempting slow-roasted lamb shank in a red wine reduction or the bacon, blue ... More

32 Kildare Road
+27 216835989
Basilico Newlands

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Recent Reviews
Food is a wow! Everything cooked on site and fresh. Massive portions every time we have to ask for doggie bags. And very good value too!More
Good Italian focused restaurant in Newlands. Situated on roundabout of Kildare Road, shared with other good restaurants eg Barristers. We had Risotto and Chicken salad which were both very good. Service also prompt and helpful. Definitely recommendMore
Lovely food and waiters! So glad they are still on The Entertainer. However, front of house staff are not very welcoming (always looks non-interested).More
Two visits down and will definitely return. Pleasant atmosphere, wonderful food, well priced and great service. Simple, authentic, delightful experience, and we shall return. More
We booked in advance and arrived to be given a table next to the wall despite the whole balcony area being free - blinds down anyway so no view of the beautiful mountain on by chance a balmy autumn evening. Ordered chorizo fettuccine (my husband salmon penne) preceded by a garlic pizza and salad (thankfully given what transpired!). The lady server didn’t write down our order but recited it back to us correctly, I joked ‘you have a great memory’ she laughed, my husband jested ‘well let’s see what arrives first’ and on we go ….. Eventually the food arrived ‘madam we made the wrong order so will you have the penne?’ Not wishing to ruin the vibe of our evening - we are on holiday and our last couple of nights in Newlands I said OK. I actually don’t like penne which is why I ordered fettuccine to begin with - and actually decided to ask for what I ordered - by the time my order arrived - fettuccine and ‘chorizo’ my husband had finished his meal and we had finished leisurely drinking a bottle of wine. To add insult to injury the ‘chorizo’ is clearly no such thing but is rather a sliced up hot dog sausage - tough outer skin and all - looks like hot dog, smells like hot dog- it’s hotdog!! I won’t even bother with the red water that is supposedly tomato sauce - honestly a disgrace. I returned the meal, was comped a garlic pizza and the uneaten, twice attempted disgrace of an offering was removed from the bill which the server seemed to think was doing me a favor. Fortunately there was a gentleman on the street I was able to give the garlic bread/pizza to. Quite honestly this is the worst meal, service, experience I have experienced in 20 years of visiting RSA - for 3-6 months a year. How this eatery is still in business I know not! We have often walked past the Steenberg branch oh how I wish I had applied that instinct in Newlands. I can only apologize to the servers who stoically avoided us for only the second time in my life I did not leave a tip! Shame on you! Avoid at all cost - go to Primi or Old Italian - honestly THE WORST meal in CPT in 20 yearsMore