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4.2 (based on 67 people)

  • Healthy
Be-Juiced+Bar nourishes Hong Kong with a wide range of healthy fixes, such as cold-pressed juices, açai bowls, superfood smoothies, all kinds of nut milk, shakes, vegan/vegetarian options and juice cleanse programmes ... More
Tsz Man Ng (6 months ago )
It was my first time to try the acai bowl here and probably my last time coz they were closing soon. it was very sad as the acai bowl here was super fresh and the toppings were in high quality. Maybe the best in town. I really like their granola and cacao nibs which was the perfect match to the acai. The acai was smooth but also solid, very nice to have it under the hot summer. I am already missing it. Wish them all the best and I hope they will consider to reopen their business somewhere in hk.
Daryl Wong (11 months ago )
I lived in California for over 25 years and never once ate an acai bowl. Then, I discovered this amazing treat in Hong Kong and I realized what my life had been missing. Since then, I've been all about town trying to find the best acai bowl and I can confidently say BE-JUICED deserves first prize. They serve the the perfect acai blends (no chunks, smooth and tasty), fresh and never-frozen fruits, and a diverse variety of add-ons that will ensure no shortage of different permutations of toppings. I wish it wasn't so pricey but it's good enough for me not to care + the stamp card helps cut the cost a bit.
Mike (5 years ago )
We stumbled upon this little juice spot on our walking adventures and I’m glad we did. The açaí bowl was a great way to recharge after an activity filled day. They are a tad pricey but what we ordered was super tasty and refreshing. Stop in and enjoy!
Charis Wong (4 years ago )
Today is extremely hot. It was very refreshing with the detox juice. There are many choices and you will definitely find the one you wanna try. They served 4 juice for free trial. You could serve yourself. I tried the green machine and vegan green. They both have coconut water, kale, but green machine has green apple. It was nice as we stopped by and took the rest. Location 6/10 Food 8/10 (score for health) Service 4/10 Price 5/10 Recommend 8/10
BradJill (4 years ago )
Be-Juiced is a good stop on Peel Street when looking for pressed juices, smoothies and other healthy foods and drinks in the Soho District. Opening hours are 8am to 9pm (weekdays) and 10am to 8pm (weekends). Stopped by here recently for a quinoa salad with cilantro served on lettuce. This was a tasty bowl of fresh ingredients. I picked up take-away bottles of Aloha Chiller made up of coconut water, pineapple and acai berry - a light and refreshing pressed juice. Also ordered the Golden Grind, a delicious serving of almond milk, cinnamon, honey, turmeric and Himalayan pink salt. Everything was very good during this visit to Be-Juiced + Bar, warranting future visits when in the mood for something light and healthy. HK needs more places like this.