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Beyond Beauty

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Beyond Beauty is a forward-looking company with a holistic approach towards health and beauty. They offer face and body care complete with slimming and spa services. As one of the most progressive companies in Malaysia, their services are a unique ... More
Tanushya Nair
Tanushya Nair (5 years ago )
I went for facial today. I bought the voucher from the expo at midvalley for RM68. When i bought the salesperson lie about everyting. She said whitening facial and they will use machine and also full face extraction. But it was a very very basic facial. The consultant was just focusing on upselling the package. The moment she touch my face she started to upsell. When i asked her why the salesperson said you will use machine but you didnt. She just say biasalaa! So that means lieing is the marketing strategy. When i walked in there is no warm welcome at all. I myself gave them the voucher and ic. No communication at all. I dont even know my consultant name. Customer service so bad! Definitely will not recommend to others. Kindly use a fair marketing strategy as you will gain more customer if you are honest
Hana Rahim
Hana Rahim (4 years ago )
Mid valley branches hv expressionless rep, but the masseurs have good manners
Carmen Yong
Carmen Yong (2 years ago )
Miss Sally
Miss Sally (5 years ago )
May Ng
May Ng (3 years ago )