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Modeled off the actual Brick Lane in London's East End with their iconic big white bike as a backdrop, BRICK LANE® offers English all-day breakfast, eggs benedict and a range of English meals, including freshly baked red velvet cakes in a chic and alluring British gastro-pub setting ... More

Shop 404, 4th Level, CITIC Tower, 1 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar Site
+852 2363 2500

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Recent Reviews
We visited this place for the first time on a Sunday. We immediately asked to be seated outdoors as it was a lovely day. The staff were friendly. They took our orders and the food and coffee arrived shortly. The Everything Breakfast was a treat. The food was fresh and they were willing to give me extra bacon slices as I didn't want the sausage. The orange latte and cappuccino were excellent. We finished our meal by ordering a chocolate hazelnut cake, which wasn't very sweet (thank god). Tip: This place is very busy on weekdays as it is located in an office tower. I've seen poor reviews of Brick Lane elsewhere but our first experience was a good one and that's really what matters.More
We went on a weekday for lunch and we booked in advance and was told that they’ll only hold the table for 5 mins. We showed up ok time at 1pm and the restaurant was actually rather empty and quiet. Lunch sets available and we also ordered Guinness Pie from the menu. Tasted nice. But it’s really nothing exciting about Brick Lane.More
今日男朋友嚟接我放工,之後去咗呢間位於金鐘嘅Bricklane食晚飯 😋 由於係平日夜晚,餐廳都唔多人,超級適合情侶嚟靜靜地談心 ❤️ 我哋叫咗以下幾樣嘢: Crabmeat tomato salad ($158) Lobster bisque ($108): 呢個bisque超級濃味!配個麵包食就啱晒! Benedict California ($88): 聽講egg benedict係呢度嘅signature,梗係要試吓! 我哋仲加咗$40要魚子醬 😋 Lamb rack ($268): 男朋友鍾意食羊,所以我哋冇叫到牛,揀咗羊,淨係睇個賣相已經覺得一流!而且食落一啲都唔so! Red Velvet ($48): 我哋叫咗呢個甜品,為呢餐畫上完滿句號 😋 順帶一提,餐廳嘅嘢飲一啲都唔貴,我哋叫咗mojito ($78)同earl grey martini ($98),其實夜晚收咗工同朋友嚟飲返杯都真係唔錯!More
很多次想去這間餐廳食午餐,都因為覺得人太多,今日朋友到金鐘工作,順道找我一起食晚飯,就不作他選,去一償自己的心願。 Hokkaido Scallop Salad 燒北海道帶子沙律($158) 帶子煎得恰到好處,沙律菜也很新鮮,配上帶點酸味的沙律油,作為今晩的前菜,非常醒胃。 Classic Eggs Benedict 火腿班尼迪蛋($98) 班尼迪蛋是這兒的一碟出名的菜式,不但外貌吸引,蛋味香濃,加上香脆麵包和火腿一起吃,果然名不虛傳。 Red Prawn Linguine 紅蝦扁意粉($278) 這一道扁意粉是廚師推介,意粉質感夠「𡁻」口,蝦好彈牙又大,沒有令我們失望。 Grilled Iberico Bone-In Pork Chop 烤西班牙黑毛豬扒($288) 黑毛豬扒很厚,建議食時要沾上周圍的蘋果茸和薯茸一起吃,唯一是豬扒不夠脂肪,口感會較「實」,否則一定可以更美味! Nightmare Honey Glazed Pumpkin with Vanilla Ice-cream 惡夢蜂蜜烤南瓜配雲呢拿雪糕($88) 由於臨近萬聖節所以餐廳推出幾歀特別菜色,這是其中一道萬聖節甜品,底部是烘得香脆的簿班㦸,舖上南瓜粒和一些生菓,再加雲呢拿雪糕,又冷又熱的組合,口感都幾特別。 More
最近都好少出去食飯,留喺屋企食飯多,今日接完女朋友放工,喺金鐘附近揾野食,行行下女朋友話想食eggs benedict,所以就去咗中信大廈既Brick Lane Restaurant. 首先叫咗Crabmeat Tomato Salad,個沙律好fresh,入面D牛油果,芒果同蟹肉好夾,好開胃 Lobster Bisque,個湯好濃,龍蝦肉好味! Benedict California,當然唔少得依到好出名既eggs benedict,我地仲加咗D caviar Lamb Rack,肉質好軟。 仲有叫咗兩杯cocktail,Mojito同Earl Grey Martini 甜品係Red Velvet,好好味,唔會太甜,一層層,好特別。More