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Brit Movie Tours

Brit Movie Tours, a unique sightseeing bus and walking tour company that specialises in visits to movies and TV locations in London and throughout Britain, offers a range of exciting tours from Doctor Who to Harry Potter, Downton Abbey and much more. Guests can choose from a wide range of guided Read More

Starts at Aldwych Tube Station, Surrey Street
+44 844 2471 007
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
An interesting and well organised tour. Nathan, our guide, had lots of information to share about all things James Bond as well as other related facts. He was easy to listen to even though there were about 20 of us in the group. At 2.5 hours we covered a lot with out feeling too rushed. Great day out.Read more
Our tour guide was funny and knowledgable. We watched episodes in the 16 passenger van on the way there and the way back. We stopped in the village where they filmed many scenes. We arrived later in the day, which I think is best because it was less crowded. I got a photo of myself in the front door and there wasn't anyone else near the front. Most people had gone by then. Also the gardens were a nice surprise. I loved just walking around. We were also very fortunate that the weather was good! This tour and Buckingham Palace State Rooms were the highlights of our trip to the UK.Read more
Booking through Brit tours has been very simple, they answered my question efficiently when emailed to confirm location. My mum, 3 daughters and I all love watching call the midwife so thought what a great idea for mums Birthday present, we were greeted by 'a real midwife' who gave us a very detailed tour on the filming of the show. Tickets also included entry to Chatham docks where you can explore a submarine and a working ropery. Thankyou for an enjoyable experienceRead more
Highly recommended for fans of Downton Abbey. I enjoyed the small group tour (15 people.) Michael, the guide, was knowledgeable and entertaining. We visited the filming sites in Brampton Village as well as Highclere Castle.Read more
We did 3 tours with them during our week long stay in London. Small Group Downton Abbey and Village - Our driver and guide were wonderful. We learned so much on this visit about the making and filming of this beloved television series. I won't give any spoilers, but some things are really going to surprise you (you'll feel a bit lied to, lol). The castle is as breath-taking as you imagine it. I almost cried near the end coming down the grand staircase. You can almost feel the characters there with you. I also read a book about the real family that lives in the castle so it was a double treat for me to go through and see the real history as well as the fantasy story unfold (and where they eclipsed). I will warn you though, the ride is rather rough. Again, our guide and driver were lovely, but the seats are small and if you get put in the back you are very cramped. The back of the vehicle has people facing each other, with basically no room for your legs. And you feel EVERY bump It's an extremely rough ride. Many of us felt car sick going. If you had a bad back you really felt the rough ride. It's as if they sent us in an old bus in need of service. The coach did not parallel the excellent tour. Hopefully they'll do something about that soon. Until they do, you may want to consider going with the larger tour so maybe the travel will be more comfortable. Next, we did the Sherlock Walking tour with our excellent guide, Alex. Now this was really for the teens we were with, but I enjoyed it at least as much as they did. We also did the Doctor Who WAlking tour with Fiona, who was also magnificent. Honestly, if I ever return to London, I'd like to book all of their other walking tours (even if I don't know much about the theme) because they are excellent. The guides are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, even give some cross over info from other movie topics AND history about the area. It's an amazing opportunity to learn about the areas of London. These two were in different sections of the city, so it was perfect. I wish I could have done one in every area of London. Bravo to all three of our guides. This company does an excellent job hiring it's tour guides, and I think all 3 will be main points we remember about our trip for years to come. Thanks so much for being fun and informative.Read more