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Cali-Mex Bar & Grill

The Cali-Mex story began with a road trip from North America to Mexico. The team became obsessed with American-style Mexican food, but their ultimate favourites were the light and fresh variations they found in California. Their passion for great quality food is at the heart of everything that comes ... More

92 Siena Avenue
Discovery Bay
+852 2652 5525
Cali-Mex Bar & Grill

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Recent Reviews
Place was almost empty. Lots of staff standing around chatting (some without face masks) and ignoring the few customers. More
Just tried this place as new to the area. Staff very good and attentive. Good menu. Great for meat eaters. Chill burger was good. Interesting seating with what appears to be beer taps on each table. Only problem was no non alcohol beer.More
Stopped in for Father’s day and immediately was offered a free beer, great marketing and gesture! Honestly I don’t care for their Mexican selections because I find the taste way off of my usual stopping grounds in San Diego. But the burger I had today was redeeming indeed. Ordered the cheeseburger and found it to be quite tasty. Perfect bun choice and with so many toppings, it was put together perfectly. Probably the nicest burger I’ve had in Hk in the past 10 years! Fries were also fresh and cooked very well! Hats off to the staff!More
First restaurant you would notice upon arriving DB North. Staff are very attentive and can see they communicate with customers a lot. Food is a bit pricey but the portion is wow!They are very dog friendly I can see. Although I notice not much manpower, they work pretty fast as a team, I must say I was quite impressed. I'd love to come back here again on my next trip to HK!More
Having lived in HK for 10 years and from San Diego, I was very excited to see Cali Mex opening up in our small neighbourhood. After reading about how a trip to the USA inspired this chain's owners to be thrilled to bring the authentic tastes they encountered back to Asia. Baloney. I miss authentic Mexican food and in fact it's my favourite, so I know what's good and what's not. Here, it's not -sad to say. It actually comes nowhere close but a C for effort. Like most places here that offer food from other countries but employ people that have never tasted it or cooked it before, the food is passionless. The service is just fine in DB, but the place is dirty. We had a cockroach great us at our table behind the beer tap as we sat down. There is a mess under the bar stools looking into the kitchen area which seems to be a makeshift storage area. The staff in the kitchen were sweating profusely and wiping themselves in numerous areas then preparing the food without washing their hands. The food itself isn't good at all, and I wish it was. The sauces aren't good and offer little variety. Only an aioli type sauce comes on the shrimp tacos, but most other dishes are bland and dry. The steak that I paid 10 HK dollars extra to get, wasn't marinated and simply tasteless. More rice inside the burrito I ordered than anything else. Kids menu was the same price but no offered an included drink??? Have eaten at their locations probably over 30 times in the past but won't be going back. Food is reasonably priced, but just seems to be getting worse and lacking any kind of authenticity. If you want to make a buck-your doing fine, if you want to serve authentic Mexican food, your way off the mark. More