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4.6 (based on 757 people)

  • Sports & Leisure
Camp5 has established itself as the hub for anyone and everyone passionate about rock climbing. Located in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, courses and services offered here are of the highest quality and are designed for the enthusiastic novice and ... More
Rachel Yao
Rachel Yao (2 weeks ago )
It’s my first time to rock climbing, and no doubt we found the right place! They are very nice and the instructors Naza and Sharid are very friendly and keep encourage us, very enjoy the first time rock climbing and will come back again!
Muhammad Zaim
Muhammad Zaim (3 months ago )
Greetings to Camp 5, Semalam saya climb. It was the best experience that i had in my 26 years of life. From the entrance to the gym i had a warn welcome from manager Zairin, and to rental Naz. They greet me and my friends really good and we really felt like home. Me and my friends for sure will come back for a climb. We planned to climb the boulder next time as it looked hard to climb.
Amanda Goay
Amanda Goay (3 months ago )
Went for the TryClimb, well safe to say, I tried 😅 Instructors were great, encouraging and enthusiastic. Equipment and the place is in great condition ( is quite new) First rock climbing experience, had my arms replaced with jello for days 😅
Jill (3 months ago )
Very cool climbing gym in PJ! There’s bouldering, top rope, lead, and even auto wall (so you don’t need a belayer). Their gym is clean and provides rental on gears and equipments too. Their staffs were friendly and helpful. We enjoyed the time spent here and would definitely return for more climbing sessions.
Felicia Choo
Felicia Choo (7 months ago )
It was a good experience for the kids, but I felt that just having 2-3 main climbs for the paid hour was expensive. 1 hour RM 55, only 2-3 rock climbing. Really nice place and the atmosphere was really nice