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Cold Stone Creamery

3.6 (based on 225 people)

  • Ice Cream
Cold Stone Creamery is committed to serving you premium quality ice cream. The secret recipe is flown in from the USA and made fresh daily in store before it is served to customers by combining a variety of mix-ins on a frozen granite stone. ... More
Edmund Pua
Edmund Pua (4 months ago )
Ridiculous stall, idiotic service! After buying our ice cream... We sat on their table... The staff came and tell is section closed! At 9pm!! 😂 better close shop if your staff chase away customers... Where do they expect us to enjoy the ice cream?? Standing at the walkway?? Slow to take order and chase customers away! Ice cream terrible too, overly sweet and not cold enough.. melting away immediately 🫠
Huey Leng Yong
Huey Leng Yong (4 months ago )
The ice cream is not too bad. Although need to reduce the amount of chocolate chips.
Ansar Mansoor
Ansar Mansoor (3 weeks ago )
Urghh....🤦 Sat night 9.15pm, a queue of about 6 ahead of me, should go pretty smoothly. But the staff kept jumping to random ppl outside the queue (who were just checking out the display) and serving them instead! WTH. Took 35min for me to place my order of just 3 scoops cos those behind me or those who jumped ahead to the cashier were being served 1st! Called out to the staff (5 running ard behind the counter) but was ignored until 1 of them came over when I was the last 1 left. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦Finally get my ice cream & sit down 5min from closing. Top it all off the ice cream (strawberry, dark choc & choc) was really not worth the $. Dumped it in the trash when staff came over at 10pm saying their closing. Macdonalds has better taste that this. Never again. Ever. Even if its free. Went up to Frost N Bites at L3 & got a very impressive tasting pistachio ice cream.
suria ismail
suria ismail (2 weeks ago )
I just want to but 1 scoope of vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone, but your staff keep asking me which cup i want. 2 staffs actually. Both are not local with very poor english, im not sure if they can even say any malaysian language. They cant even explain to me that they need to weight the ice cream or what ever reason i cannot brain with the difficulty to understand 1scope of ice cream in a waffle cone. And it cost me around rm17. Then they look so stressed out like its too difficult to sell ice cream. The taste of the ice cream was terrible. The waffle cone (i have to pay extra rm3 for this) as hard as stone. My kid took one bite & that’s it. My suggestions 1st get staff with good PR, can get rid those working on Thursday 16/11/2023 at 1200-1300. 2nd teach them how to sell the ice cream to customers. We are coming for free foods. No photo because too bad to let people see your ice cream.
Anissa A
Anissa A (a month ago )
awful service. one of the servers kept staring blankly and also was not sure if the price was correct. the other one was so annoyed when i told her i was confused about the toppings and she explained with frustration. the rudeness was not worth this overhyped ice cream.