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Cold Stone Creamery

  • Ice Cream

Cold Stone Creamery is committed to serving you premium quality ice cream. The secret recipe is flown in from the USA and made fresh daily in store before it is served to customers by combining a variety of mix-ins on a frozen granite stone. Committed to serving The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience®, ... More

Lot P1.24, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Bukit Bintang
+6012 309 2100
Cold Stone Creamery

Redeemable at:

  • Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

    Bukit Bintang


Recent Reviews
This is really a classic American-style ice-cream experience, but I will say that it's quite possibly the sweetest I have ever tasted. Not much subtlety. Some interesting flavour options, but only if you have the sweetest of sweet teeth. High-end pricing.More
My 1st time having this brand of Ice Cream. Had Peanut Butter and Cheesecake flavour. Felt it was a tad sweet for my liking. Had better ice cream for that priceMore
You will be spoilt for choices. It menu ranges - tastes for the young, mid age and oldies. My daughter had the mango and I had the yam. True to taste! It is probably a little bit on the sweet side but i cannot complain as the real mango taste and yam taste were there. Plus i just had a very aromatic and heavy Asian lunch that i needed to get the taste off ;)More
Where should I begin. Firstly, the price chart is misleading (from RM12.90- RM20++) and confusing without any clear what size what price what item directory. The ice-cream is the main problem. Small portion, tasteless (I mean it, supermarket ice cream in tub taste similarly for a fraction of the price), no fresh milk taste to it, RM1 McDonald ice cream beats it by a million time. What you are paying is for the decoration, the name, the brand, and those sprinkles. Pay once if you need to taste how horrible it is. As for me, I won't go back ever, never. Similar price to Haagen Dazs, taste wise- worse than McDonalds.More
Went to the gardens outlet which are about 2months old. Service here are more friendlier than pavillion outlet. Priced at RM12.90 per scoop seem costly compared to a lot other ice cream joint example inside scoop and whimsical are my 2favorites ice cream parlour. Ice cream tasted good as I like the chewyness texture of it, however most of the ice cream are really sweet. The pandan ice cream seem so artificial due to the green color. I would still prefer my ice cream more natural flavor and less sweet as Malaysian are into healthier food without jeopardy get the flavors. More