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4.3 (based on 772 people)

  • Sports & Leisure
In an atmosphere of informal competitiveness, your staff and clients can enjoy the excitement of Grand-Prix racing under our expert supervision. Your corporate functions, product launches or parties can all be accommodated at Compu-Kart Raceway. ... More
Lyndon Venter
Lyndon Venter (a week ago )
A poor establishment. Brought my son here this morning for a drive, we arrived at 09h30 thinking that we would come nice and early only to be told by the guy behind the kiosk that we can only ride at 4pm because there's a company that has booked the venue until and this time of the year we need to phone and book or phone and enquire availabilities. It's so sad that you would risk tarnishing your brand by disallowing public participation on a day (Saturday) when you know most of your public patrons are available and would most likely come to support your business, for one company who will probably only book you once a year. But hey, this is your business, not mine. Good luck and best wishes. 👌
Ntando Nsele
Ntando Nsele (8 months ago )
Such an amazing place. We celebrated my nephew’s 10th birthday. We were able to bring in our cake and refreshments. Thank you very for making it such a memorable experience. And the service was spectacular. 😊😊
Keitumetse Mahlomoje
Keitumetse Mahlomoje (5 months ago )
Really enjoyed our experience here. Their staff is friendly and welcoming, their karts are are just as fast and their track is just as fun, the only downfall is the waiting period of 2hr+ because a lot of people are being sent away by Supreme Karting (@greenstone mall). But overall, we enjoyed it and will be back here soon.
Nicole Genade
Nicole Genade (in the last week )
We had our company end of year function on Friday and I was impressed at the size of the track and the facility. I do think the staff assisting on the track could be a bit friendlier, but overall it was a great experience.
Johanita de Beer
Johanita de Beer (a year ago )
Go - K a r t s !!! Heck yes!!! .. This was honestly such a great track! The staff was so helpful and made it so fun for us. The only thing that was a little of a downer is when we got there to race there was a 3 hour waiting period.... but honestly it was completely worth it!! We spend mainly our time at the Race Bar just below it! As the time came closer they gave us a call and said it is almost our time. Honestly value for money! After our race we immediately asked if we can go again and luckily we had to wait for one group and we went again!! Hand down I would definitely go do this again, any time!! 🏎 They also have bathrooms that is very clean and provide snacks and drinks as well.