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Dough Girl

4.5 (based on 252 people)

  • Informal Dining & Takeaway
At Dough Girl, they bake nothing but fresh pastries on the day for that day! Their focus is to provide high quality, salivating-worthy pastries alongside premium coffee that will get customers ready to kickstart their day ... More
Lucrisha Polton
Lucrisha Polton (a week ago )
I was surprised with a visit to Dough Girl on the morning of my birthday. I have seen the reviews. I had been meaning to pay Dough Girl a visit for sometime. What an overwhelming and delightful experience. The selection feels endless and adventurous. I had the Brioche with cappuccino. I wanted to try both their sweet and savory selections, plus plus plus everything on the menu!!! I could have, frankly, gone back for a whole second round and possibly even a third if I didnt have a birthday lunch to go to. Coffee was served with a "please may I have another" pastry. The lightest flakiest pastry. The strawberries and slivered almonds on my brioche were probably picked fresh from the garden and popped in because that's how fresh they were. Our waitress Noksi was a gem! She made suggestions, had some quirky fun banter with us and the staff even went so far as to sing for me while they went about their chores. I can write an essay on the place. Attention to detail added to the aesthetics. From the cute plate inlay at the entrance to the personalized chairs and leather flap menus, this is a must on every foodies checklist
Taskeen Asmal
Taskeen Asmal (4 months ago )
This is my new favorite bakery in Durban and I must say, it's a true hidden gem! The creative and delicious goodies offered here are unlike anything I've ever experienced before. One of the aspects that make this bakery stand out is its ever-changing menu. Every weekend, they surprise their customers with a fresh selection of unique treats that I never knew existed. I find myself eagerly looking forward to each weekend to see what delicious surprises await me. The quality of their bakes is exceptional. You can taste the freshness and the love put into every single treat. Each bite feels like a heavenly experience, leaving me craving more after every visit. The flawless execution and top-notch ingredients truly showcase the bakery's dedication to delivering the best to its customers. What sets this bakery apart is not only its scrumptious offerings but also its welcoming and friendly staff. From the moment I stepped in, I was greeted with warm smiles and genuine enthusiasm. Their excellent customer service made me feel right at home, and it's evident that they genuinely care about their patrons' experiences.
Mr So&So
Mr So&So (3 months ago )
Loved it. Awesome vibes in an awesome area. The nachos were fine, but it's understandable because the real show stopper is everything that is dough (baked). Trust me, anything baked that you order will leave you wanting more. The bonus are the fizzy drinks they make and the souvenir condiments for sale inside the shop. Make sure you know the load shedding schedule in the area if you are going with kids that love milkshake.
Shanel G
Shanel G (5 months ago )
Complete contrast to the original store which I loved. Old store : Friendly staff , amazing pastries 🥰. From a variety of croissants to cruffins, brownies and more ! After changing venues , the service has really deteriorated. I've tried to go here SIX times. Only to be told they're closing soon or there aren't any pastries left , even though the website says closing time is 2hrs later. You walk in invisible, no one acknowledges you, you just gotta grab a menu and go find yourself a seat. When you go to the counter to ask about the pastries, everyone tends to avoid eye contact. Really disappointing and won't be returning.
Kavita Hira
Kavita Hira (7 months ago )
A quaint place with bits of uniqueness here and there... loved it! Their lunch meals are sizeable enough for a one person sitting, though I recommend more chicken or fish options. Most contain macon (beef) which I do not consume. Pastry selection is jaw dropping, dainty and yum! I like that they don't stock cooldrinks😁 A pleasant experience.