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Dubai Ice Rink

Those looking to experience the thrill of ice skating for the first time, those who are keen to master their skills, those who want to enjoy the high-powered disco sessions with the in-house DJ, or those who just want to have the coolest birthday parties, Dubai Ice Rink is a destination for endless ... More

Ground Level
Downtown Dubai
+971 4 448 5111
Dubai Ice Rink

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Premium skating session (1 offer)

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  • Valid until 31st Dec 2022

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  • Valid until 31st Dec 2022

Peak skating session (1 offer)

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  • Valid until 31st Dec 2022

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  • Estimated savings AED 185


  • Estimated savings AED 85


  • Estimated savings AED 110

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  • The Dubai Mall

    Downtown Dubai


Recent Reviews
Terrible very upsetting experience! Friday 13/05/22 6pm checked in to have our 6yo and 4yo daughters enjoy some skating time. Once in the changing area we saw a group of teenagers totally out of control: screaming, cursing, pushing, kicking, not respecting the queues, racing with a wheelchair almost running into myself, a lady with a stroller and a smaller child. A boy shouting he needed his locker card, almost breaking the card box, as the man of the staff was helping my daughter to put her skates on. By entering into the ice rink more people at a time (lack of supervision staff there), these bigger teenagers pushed my 6yo daughter making her hit her head. No apology given. Once on the ice rink with her new skatea my 4yo got scared of the total mess going on there: dangerous skating, no respect for a safe distance when skating or stopping, more experienced boys performing dangerous stunts and bullying smaller kids, in fact they on purpose bumped into my 6yo daughters skates hurting her feet and almost making her fall, other boys running into the ice rink without a ticket... total anarchy. When my daughters refused to skate, out of fear and disappointment about what was going on there, the staff refused to issue a voucher to use another time, by saying these were the rules, thus penalising a 4yo little girl who understandably got scared, stressed out and upset of the uncontrolled situation going on there. Yet the most important rules of safety, control and decency were not enforced when needed, leaving this place a totally undesirable part of the Dubai Mall to visit in the future. Not recommended. I regret not calling the police right there and then. Totally overpriced and badly managed.More
Really fun activity with kids of all ages - they have teaching props that you can rent, trainers skating who will teach you, etc. The have slots though - and you have to book a slot and pay for the entire duration so it makes sense to check them in advance and pick up your tickets in case it gets sold out.More
Ice skating ain’t it. The first 20 mins are a great laugh and a crack, but the novelty wears off quickly and your feet hurt. Alas, great way to get away from the Dubai heat in the summerMore
It is good place to skate indoor there is ac and air conditioning and it is fun my siblings went to have fun yesterday l love to skate on iceMore
Getting out of your house during summer is a hassle, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking kids out to enjoy some indoor games in Dubai. Ice Skating is an amazing Indoor activity.It’s absolutely okay if you’re not the best skater (especially on ice), there are skating aid which will help you through the rink. A perfect place for a snowy respite. If you’re just looking for a place to beat the heat with friends and family, Ice Rink at Dubai Mall is definitely a great option. The staff are very friendly and guide you throughout and its an ultimate place to have quality entertainment. The rink is well equipped with beautiful lights which makes the ambiance of this place to an winter zone and also they have artificial snow falling to give u that vibes.More