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Dubai Parks and Resorts

Experience amazing rides at the Middle East’s largest integrated theme park destination, featuring MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, BOLLYWOOD PARKS™ Dubai, LEGOLAND® Dubai and LEGOLAND® Water Park. With over 100 adrenaline-filled rides, attractions and live shows, enjoy three theme parks and a water park ... More

Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite Palm Jebel Ali
Jebel Ali
(800) 262-9464
Dubai Parks and Resorts

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Recent Reviews
These theme parks are amazing…..and empty. Fully staffed. Motiongate included Dreamworks, TriStar, Columbia - definitely the busiest of all, but even then there was at most a 10min wait for a ride. Bollywood was completely empty. The rides were awesome. It’s one of those head scratchers - I think they have built it expecting things to pick up as the area around it gets built….but it’s still not there. What a treat. Highly recommend spending 2-3 days here.More
Motiongate is worth visiting...we had a 2 park visit ticket ..which included Bollywood park as must spend maximum time in motion gate as there are rides and activities for all age groups.. Late afternoon then you can visit Bollywood park ..Indian restaurant and veg food available here . Also a few rides are good here apart from the showsMore
I am writing to express my disappointment with my last week's visit to the parks. It was my worst experience; I was surprised by the bad service I received. I got gold four parks annual passes worth AED2300 for this visit. Upon arrival at the park, we approached guest services to print park tickets, and there was only one staff available at the counter who was taking her sweet time while chatting with someone else. I approached the staff and asked her if another staff could assist us as we didn’t want to miss the scheduled live shows. I was shocked when the staff replied insultingly and said ‘’ you can see that I am alone here and busy’’. I had to answer her rudeness, which led to a terrible argument and loud voices. I asked the staff to call a supervisor or manager to address her bad behaviour, but she refused to call anyone, and I had to scream at her and remind her that it was my right to talk to an in charge if I encounter misbehaviour from front-line staff. Finally, she called the in charge‘’ Salman ‘’ who came outside from the back office. Unfortunately, he believed her side of the story and insisted that she was not wrong in anything she did or said. How can he take her side and claim that she was not rude to me while he was not around when the fight occurred? I asked Salman to give me the staff name almost three times so that I could address her lousy behaviour with the DPR management team, but he refused to provide the name and Said: ‘’ take my name and complain me if you want but don’t say anything about her’’. Afterwards, to get the staff name, I had to walk toward the staff and read her name on the name batch ‘’ Jalila ‘’. Meanwhile, Salman printed our tickets, but after the drama, we were all in a bad mood and didn’t want to continue to the park. However, we forced ourselves to go inside the park as we didn’t want to spoil the kid’s school holidays. I raised an official complaint with DPR management team, but they didn’t bother to call me even after sending reminder. I regret this visit, and I regret obtaining the annual passes with validity until December 2023 for a place that treats its visitors in this way!!!More
The performers in the dances were fun and great. Love it. :) For the outdoor rides, there were 8 rides. 3 were not operational - the ferris wheel, the wooden rollercoaster and 1 other ride. For the indoor entertainment, 4 out of 8 were not opened. The experience was supposed to be 3-D. However, all were 2-D. Excuses: Malfunctioned. Another excuse - due to Covid, 3-D suspended. This should not be used as an excuse. Other 3-D experiences in other countries all have the 3-D glasses disinfected after each use. The "Don" movie entertainment was fun.More
We were a party of 14 persons visiting the park, with very high expectations. We had really been looking forward to the visit. Unfortunately, the visit was a real dissapointment, actually a diaster!! We paid full price, even though a lot of the rides were closed, and a lot of shops/dinner places were closed. It seemed like we were walking through a dead town, with no personel. Even one of the biggest rides (Krishh) was closed, like many others. So, for a very heavy price we could only eat poor food at the Dhaba and look and nice lighting in the park. So a big NO GO from us!!More