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Fennel Café

Fennel Café is a buzzing and lively Mediterranean café space that serves up casual French, Italian, Greek and Spanish dishes. With its open-kitchen bar displaying fresh fruits and vegetables on a rotating basis, a garden-like atmosphere and an unblemished view of the Marina Bay district, Fennel Read More

2nd Level, Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, #01-09
Marina Bay
+65 6702 0158
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
Not sure why there are so many bad reviews for this place but my experience has been nothing but good. Food overall quite yummy and good attentive service from all around.Read more
This will be a long post but it will save you the agony, and the money. My bf and I made a dinner reservation on 15 Feb, at 6.30 pm. In the email we received from them regarding this reservation, they indicated that the dress code was CASUAL. They were specific in mentioning that for ladies, no flip-flops and no sportswear. That's all. So I turned up casual. In a t-shirt, denim shorts and slip-on. Casual right? Upon arrival, we were "greeted" by a grumpy Indian woman who is the floor manager, and another Filipino server. The Filipino server was friendly and all smiles, but not from the Indian woman. She never greeted us, nor smiled at us. She simply asked if we made a reservation. Anyway, after confirming that we had a reservation, I was informed by the Filipino server that I wasn't actually allowed to wear shorts. And I was embarrassed because didn't their email state that the attire was casual? So why then isn't shorts allowed? I was wearing denim shorts, NOT pyjamas shorts, NOT SPORTSWEAR. She had requested for me to cover my legs with a shawl. And that was embarrassing because it appeared I went there intentionally under-dressed. But I accepted it nonetheless, and we were seated. Shortly after we were seated, and after placing our orders (NOW THIS IS WHERE IT GETS EPIC) the Indian woman walked by directly in front of me and mouthed to the Filipino server "SHORTS". She was almost to 2 tables away from me while the Filipino server was just nearby my table. As the Indian woman was directly in front of me, I could visually see her exaggerated facial expression when she made a strong emphasis on the word "SHORTS". And to make things worse, I could hear her say it, from that distance. It is a very distasteful act. Firstly, if this is supposedly a fine dining restaurant, her actions should be discrete. Her action alone made me feel utterly embarrassed, judged, unwelcome and undeserving to be eating at the restaurant. Secondly, didn't your email said casual attire? There was no specific mention in the email that shorts were not allowed, so why then can't I wear shorts? Lastly, isn't it basic manners and courtesy from anyone (especially anyone in the service line) to make customers feel comfortable? It was a horrific moment for me and I swear I could have just walked out of the door there and then but we still stayed out because we have already placed our orders. And I really regret not standing up and leaving there and then because throughout the whole dinner, when the Indian woman was walking around, I noticed she kept casting very snobbish and condescending looks over at my table. And finally, when we paid our bills and she came back with the receipt, she never once looked at us. She simply passed us the bill and mind you, not even a basic "thank you". This is atrocious! This is just basic manners and courtesy isn't it?? I got to say, throughout the whole dinner, I noticed that I was the only one seemingly "underdressed". I took it that it has to be my fault, otherwise, why was I the only one in shorts. I mean, never mind that maybe their email on the dress code wasn't specific enough, but when I went to their website to check for dress code, I couldn't find any information on it. Firstly, I am embarrassed that the wrong information was given to me about the dress code. LIKE COME ON, you would think I'd like to go to a fine dining restaurant underdressed on purpose and be the odd one standing out?? Secondly, I am a paying customer, I DO NOT deserve to be treated like this. I paid my bills like any customers there and part of what we customers pay, go into the servers' salary. So, I dare say, how dare you (INDIAN WOMAN) invite me in, accept my money and give me this treatment. The customers are paying for your restaurant's survival and you are snobbish enough to give me this attitude?? And even lacking the basic courtesy to say thank you after we paid our bills?? Lastly, if I had really failed to abide by her self-imagined dress code, she could have jolly well rejected me there and then. I did not beg or plead or negotiate to eat there. She did not have to accept my reservation. I would have been much more understanding then. Sure, I would have been angry for being rejected but definitely much more understanding since I get to save my money on much more worthy services and definitely didn't have to go through all that agony of being judged and undeserving during dinner. To that INDIAN LADY, YOU, as a floor manager has failed spectacularly in your job. You are undeserving to be at the reception counter, where impressions of a restaurant are made the moment customers step in. You lack the basic courtesy and manners a server should have, not to mention you, floor manager?? And guess what, while looking through all the bad reviews about Pollen, a few seem to have identified you like the same grumpy one. I'm kind enough to say you ought to be fired. Go find a new job where you don't face customers, we detest stepping into a restaurant and seeing someone grumpy and unhappy at her job.Read more
My wife and I celebrated our Valentine’s day dinner at Pollen, Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay on 14 February, 2020. Once, we have been regular guests at Pollen, however, we stopped visiting due to familiar managers and staff had left. Yesterday celebration was a last minute arrangement, because my wife hint that she missed the Pollen drinks, food, ambience and flower dome decoration...etc. So I make a dining reservation and hope the current Pollen quality still remained excellence! No regrets... The new team were Awesome!!! We enjoyed throughout the dining. Ambience and decor was beautiful, the service was amazing.. it created the friendly and warm feeling! Sincerely, we wish to give our 'Big' thanks and appreciation especially to the Managers and Team... 5 stars***** Ashwan, Michael, Ceilyn, Katty, Sham, Ernest, Shella, Farhan, Buggy boy (didnt catch his name) Chia, Kok Koon (Mr)Read more
We have just returned from visiting my son in Singapore where he treated us to lunch at Pollen in Gardens by the Bay. I have to say this was very disappointing, especially as it is definitely not a cheap lunch!! My own meal consisted of a tomato salad which quite frankly would have benefited from some seasoning as the tomatoes were tasteless and the ‘basil cake’, which I actually think was bread soaked in some sort of basil juice, was mediocre at best. I then had the chicken with cep tart, which two of us had, two slices of dry chicken is the best was to describe them with a small soggy tart and a little bit of potato gratin , not in anyway worth a Michelin star in my opinion. The other two diners didn’t fare much better one having turbot which they said was tasteless and the other had the beef rib which they said was ok, hardly a compliment. Maybe it was the chef’s day off? (24 January). I’m sure if Jason had been served this meal he would not have been happy with it, he obviously can’t be in all his restaurants but needs to be able to trust that the people he leaves in charge of his reputation don’t let him down, and not take his eye off the ball as plenty of other chef’s are coming up behind him. As a family we would probably not return to this restaurant as there is an abundance of choice in Singapore where the food is far superior. To add insult to injury we had been told that the dress code was smart casual. The couple seated at the table next to us were in full lycra cycling gear complete with cycling shoes, I do not consider this suitable dress for anything other than a coffee bar and certainly not a restaurant of this calibre and to allow this shows a complete lack of respect for fellow diners in my opinion. I did email this to Jason Athertons email address on his website nearly 2 weeks ago but I have had no reply, not even an acknowledgement. Just shows how much they care about their customers once they have had the money!!!Read more
We held a private event for the company here and i have to say that the follow up beforehand and the attention to detail on the day was great! its the perfect location for a small group as its private yet you still feel you are outside and not boxed up. as it was a private event we were actually upstairs on the terrace... food was fantastic service was great.. overall i was very happy a nd would recommend it a million times overRead more