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H13 Restaurant & Courtyard

  • Bar Food

The H13 Restaurant and Courtyard offers a delectable dining experience where you can indulge in a variety of our executive chef’s specialties. Start your day with a full English buffet breakfast, enjoy a light meal at lunchtime and end the day by dining by candlelight. Our produce is locally ... More

13 London Road
Sea Point
+27 21 434 0205
H13 Restaurant & Courtyard

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Recent Reviews
Restaurant - we came there, 1 waiter was busy with a table, she pass us while we were standing more than 5min. Later we sit down and no one attend to us. When I approach the waiter for service it feels for me she doesn't care. We left and go to Fire & Ice Hotel where we received excellent service and food!More
Our order (and comments thereof) was as follows: 1. The lamb shank - DELICIOUS! The meat was cooked to perfection, falling off the bone, and the veggies were equally good. 2. The best of both - Calamari and Steak (medium), with a side salad - YUM!! However, I don't know if they were under staffed on this particular evening, because the waitrons were not visible. We, on two occasions, had to get up to call a waiter for service. The ambiance was superb as well - it was a rainy, cold evening, but there were heaters around and gentle, instrumental music playing in the background, which was very delightful.More
We decided to have a few drinks in town and decided to stop at the Hyde hotel. I had a few beers and we ordered lunch, a chicken wrap and mushroom pasta. It was a relaxed atmosphere and although the beers were not ice cold I enjoyed it. The games provided are a welcome way to bond in the lounge area.More
Judging by the reviews the hotel is way better than the restaurant. Dining there last night was a real "Faulty Towers" experience. First we were "stuck" between the boom and metal gate to the parking and had to walk back up to reception to get a card to enter. No staff in restaurant to seat us.As we sat down we slightly moved our table which I had to catch from falling over, one leg was balanced on a pebble! Starter was great but main meal only arrived an hour later. All the food was cold and had to be sent back to the kitchen. My husband ordered french fries and was served soggy slices of potatoes. My kingklip was very nice but my husband's 200g sirloin was a flat minute steak. No manager on duty but staff there did try to help. Other tables were also having problems one lady got her starter an hour after everyone else. At another table a gentleman had to get up 3 times to try and get menus and drinks. A very disappointing evening will not be going back.More
We did not stay in the hotel and I can only comment on the front lobby and the restaurant. We went on a deal we bought. We were welcomed very warmly into the stunning lobby of this hotel. It seems newly renovated an really looks the part - glitzy & glam The restaurant is however a bit of a let-down in contrast. It is an outside patio area enclosed by plastic patio walls. The floors are big cement tiles and makes for uneven, coldish seating. This was fine as we went in Feb but I imagine it will be very unpleasant in winter. Also, a bit thing is the toilet windows looks into the dining area.... just think about that for a second... Anyway, the food... I had the Caprice Stack - supposedly a stack of crispy slices of Aubergine with Mozzarella, Tomato & pesto. Well, I have no idea how they could call it crispy as the aubergine was totally raw, not even warm, as raw as the tomato! Who eats raw aubergine?? Its like trying to eat a kitchen sponge. The rest was, well, tomato & cheese - not much you can screw up there! My parter had the calamari. It was nice & crispy & the pineapple salsa decent. Calamari was a bit chewy from being overcooked. This may be due to the very tiny pieces they cut it in. Its not horrible but nothing special though, just calamari. Now for the mains. I ordered the Kingklip with veg.... What a MASSIVE mistake on my part here. The fish was RAW totally utterly raw, not even warm. It was just lightly fried on the outside but completely raw on the inside. I could not even cut this fish. I don’t know if it was because it was raw but a steak knife could not even cut through this. The side veggies was a mix of baby marrows, peppers & pumpkin.... While baby marrows & peppers can be a bit jumpy, crispy jumpy pumkin is a BIIIIG no-no... The pumpkin was not cooked at all. I have a very strong suspicion that the cook (DEFINITELY NOT a chef) has absolutely no clue whatsoever on how to COOK food or what COOKED food is supposed to be... maybe a sushi chef in a previous job!? ;P I obviously sent the dish back and said just to bring me ribs (not trusting them to do it again!). It took 20 minutes by which time my parter had finished his food (which they did not offer to take back and resend with mine, not really 4 star in my opinion) and I just wanted to get out of that place. I did not want to spend more money on drinks for a meal I know will be disappointing and which I will need to eat on my own. I asked them to just doggy bag my whole meal. My parter had ribs. It was just ok. The basting sauce was, in my opinion, overly sweet and tasted like raisins. It was brushed over the already cooked ribs so did not have the nice bbq, caramelised taste. The ribs rather tough & did not fall off the bone as you would expect. I have made better ribs at home. The chips was edible but quite stale... it definitely was not freshly fried The salad with the ribs was also not good at all. The olives tasted very old & stale and the feta tasted of the plastic container they were kept in, which makes me gag just thinking back at it (I hate to taste old Tupperware, flavour residue & plastic in food... pet peeve)! Needless to say we did not chance the desserts we were so amped to try earlier the evening. The only positive of this whole experience was their amazing, attentive & friendly service and their absolutely PERFECT delicious classic margarita cocktails. I mentioned the food quality to the maître d' who offered only an apology, his name (which I cant remember as it wasn’t in writing) and that we should come back sometime and give his name and ask for a cocktail. This will not bring me back there... its embarrassing! Imagine walking in to a place and saying... "oh remember that time when your food was horrible and the vague promise you made for cocktails, we want it now" So in my opinion, not an appropriate response to, what I can honestly say, was one of the worst prepared meals I have ever experienced anywhere. I won't eat there ever again!!More