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  • Fashion
kapok, founded in 2006, began as a lifestyle shop located on a quiet backstreet of Tin Hau. Their mission is to present a variety of fashion and lifestyle products sourced internationally, with a focus on quality and creativity ... More
CY Siu
CY Siu (2 months ago )
History of a police married quarters turned into a modern day used spot for art and design. Many smaller independent artsy shops and also spaces for you to work in (single person or very small groups). Lots to see on each floor and great use of space.
Fredric John
Fredric John (2 weeks ago )
As a part of our walking tour, PMQ is like an art center where you can explore the emerging artists in Hong Kong. It is also the old residential house of the police family in Hong Kong. There’s a lot of history behind the establishment. They had this underground museum that features these old remnants that they still kept all throughout the years. What I did like was the Tamiya store with a cafe where you can stay and play with the Tamiya itself. They even have this free gift for tourists. Just don’t forget to bring or show them the copy of your passport to the reception.
YC Khong
YC Khong (a month ago )
An interesting place to visit for tourists. Can spend a few hours here shopping or looking through the artworks, displays or exhibits. There are cafes and restaurants too
Pui Cheng Lum
Pui Cheng Lum (5 months ago )
One of those places that they transformed old heritage buildings with modern touch. U can buy handmade stuffs that are filled with characters. Some of the floors offer paid workshop such as painting
狐鸣 (a month ago )
Police Married Headquarters that is now revitalized into an artists' space. Many cute and creative shops to browse here. Can be pretty chill and quiet on a weekday. I learned from a friend that there are workshops and sometimes art markets during the weekend.