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KidZania® is an award-winning children’s ‘edutainment’ concept, located on the 2nd level of The Dubai Mall. It provides a safe, unique and very realistic educational environment that allows kids to do what comes naturally to them—role-playing by mimicking activities normally done by adults ... More

2nd Level, Cinema Parking
Downtown Dubai
+971 4 448 5222

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Dubai Classic 2021

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    Downtown Dubai


Recent Reviews
I would like to thank Lourdes and the team for their excellent customer service over the phone. They were very understanding, accommodating , they made sure that I was being attend to and tried their best to solve my little issue. They send 2 emails to the floor manager at the counter to get back to me. However, the manager was so rude, didn’t pay attention. As I calmly explained my LITTLE issue. She explicitly mentioned that “ We are very busy here at the front/cashier” “I cannot handle this right now” “what else do you want” “bye bye”. The way she handle the conversation was so unprofessional and to consider that I’m also a customer. Nevertheless, we had an amazing day at Kidzania but there is alot to improve on how to handle their customers properly. More
Google said they opened at noon. But they actually were opened at 10am. Go early cause spring break crowds are a nightmare. Queue for tickets, queue for the bank to make your ‘debit’ card. Queue to eat. Queue for the activities. Half the day was just queuing. And whats made worse is queues are mostly unmonitored, unmarked (not sure where it starts or where it ends) and that caused a lot of queue jumping. Unwittingly or rudely on purpose. Added to the frustration. It would have been a nicer day if queues were more planned out and organized.More
Our children's visit to Kidzania was long planned and was only accomplished recently. The place is a real fun for kids and a full day activity. The time it takes to get into the fun zone due to long cue should be taken into consideration while you plan your visit. In fact each of the activity is equally crowded and usually took kids a minimum half an hour to get going. All in all a day well spent as children were so excited to earn and save money to get something of their choice from the store out of their own hard earned money aka Kidzos. However after all the hard work, children were disappointed to see that the items at the store were overly priced. In my opinion the prices are not tagged taking into consideration the one-timers who could earn a limited amount due to the time it takes for each job/activity. They somehow managed to pick items based on their earnings (with a strong heart). As soon as they reached home to unpack they realised the quality was really absurd and one of the toys couldn't even survive an hour. So my advise to all who visit is to least expect from the store and prepare your children mentally that they may not be able to cherish upon the earnings through a toy. Therefore best is to spend on services as this is what is probably expected. All in all a very good experience but a sad ending for the kids !!More
This place is incredible.. the interior and each section mesmerized me as it looks real..great place for kids to explore their favorite occupation .clean and friendly environment they follow all precautionary measures during this COVID time Children choose to play different roles of occupation for around 10 to 20 minutes each. They can be dentist,cop,baker,pilot,scientists and many more.Make sure you know what your kids want to try the day before,because you won’t be able to try all the jobs in 1 visit. In each section kids will be earning points and later they can Redeem points and select toys of their choice .. Kids can refill their energy @mcdonalds with their happy meal.. Totally worth to visit @kidzania thank you for having us My kids had a blast 💥More
The kidzania staff are nice,especially the one girl in the chocolate factory. My nephew say she's nice but the girl in the cleaning staff with short hair is not really, saying no videos allowed. But all in all it's still a nice place for kids. All the activities are interactive.More