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Kilo Kitchen

4.6 (based on 1849 people)

  • Casual Dining
Kilo’s first overseas endeavour is situated on the beautiful shores of Bali, on the Jalan Drupadi stretch, in the vibrant Seminyak District. It offers signature dishes and specials created with local ingredients and produce. The menu is helmed by ... More
I Ketut Adi Putra Kusnadi
I Ketut Adi Putra Kusnadi (2 weeks ago )
The squid ink rice, albeit pricey, is just out of this world! I finished it til the last bite - it was THAT good. I'll come again just for this dish. The restaurant was pretty quiet during this COVID-19 pandemic, so they don't open every
gary Henderson
gary Henderson (5 days ago )
Amazing food, really good service. Every dish ordered was outstanding. If you enjoy food for quality and where every ingredient compliments each other, then highly recommended.
Aditio W.S
Aditio W.S (7 months ago )
Recently visited this stunning place! The ambience was superbly cozy at noon and we had a really satisfying lunch experience there. The interior is amazingly designed and well maintaned, the staff also really friendly and we they provide
Barnaby Robson
Barnaby Robson (7 months ago )
In an area with lots of great food this was hands down the best. The brunch/lunch menu is a bit more affordable than the dinner. All the food and drinks we tried were great; particularly enjoy the tuna and pork rice bowls.
Alexandra Cheryl
Alexandra Cheryl (10 months ago )
Food is all tasty & ther service is excellent. For those who like cheap prices please don't bother to come here since the price here is quiet expensive, but their quality is worth the prices. Their ink rice is superb! And the place is neat.
Daria Kishinskaya
Daria Kishinskaya (8 months ago )
Very delicious! Recommend black white ravioli. First place where we found good cocktails. The one with mango was perfect)
Nasa Tjan
Nasa Tjan (8 months ago )
Good ambience. Great service. Cocktails are decent. Food is above average and cost is on the high side.
rivaldi hamdillah
rivaldi hamdillah (a year ago )
Love this place! When you enter the cafe, you'll smell the taste of coffee. Then the place is also cozy. The natural ambiance gives you more vibes to stay in here longer. The food and beverages are good enough for me. On the other hand,