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Kith Cafe

Built around bringing the community together over good coffee, food and company, Kith is the quintessential neighbourhood hangout. Kith’s signature is manifested in all outlets through the consistently smooth, thick-bodied coffee. The comprehensive menu consists of the Kith curry, the big Read More

Ascott Orchard
11 Cairnhill Road
Orchard Road
+65 6734 8640
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
The cafe is a little hidden so it took awhile for us to find the place. Was very surprise to see that the cafe was almost empty during the christmas season but it might be because we went on a Monday. Ordered 2 pasta and a pizza for sharing and the food tasted ok. Its a good place for gathering with friends if you like to chat in a cozy setting since the place is not crowded.Read more
The Ascott branch of Kith is tucked away in a small corner of Cairnhill. It serves as a cosy catch up with friends if you don't mind that it is unusually chilly and the service staff are less than attentive. My friend ordered a chai tea that was disappointingly bland and it turned cold very quickly. While the coffee I ordered tasted reasonable, the food was unsatisfactory –– the wings that I ordered was dismal and the spicy sauce that accompanied it tasted weirdly synthetic. Kith is one of my favourite haunts but this particular branch is dire straits and needs an overhaul.Read more
The food at Kith never disappoints and this quiet outlet is a haven. Had the fish and chips which is by far one of the better ones around. Fish is firm, well breaded and goes really well with their equally yummy chips/fries. Cafe was quiet on a week night and the service staff were prompt and friendly. Overall, a great experience here as always. Read more
It’s definitely a little out of the way, but it also gives a quieter environment to those who need to have discussions and peaceful time to do some work there. Read more
Had breakfast buffet and totally NOT recommended. The spread have everything but taste was at best average and after tax + service almost SD30 which is poor value....Read more