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Kudu - Riyadh

Over 28 years ago, the founders of Kudu set out to create an entirely new eating experience for people in Saudi Arabia. With over 280 restaurants open across the country, we can proudly say that we've created a winning concept that has endured and morphed into the phenomenon that is known today as ... More

Rihab Street, Najd Road, KF-22
+966 9200 06999
Kudu - Riyadh

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Available offers...

Kudu chicken sandwich (3 offers)

  • AED 22 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2024

Available offers...


  • Estimated savings AED 22

Redeemable at:

  • 3rd Akaria Mall, KR14


  • Afif, KC36


  • Akaria 1 Mall, KR34


  • Al Aarid, KF41

    Al Aarid

  • Al Andalus, KR61

  • Al Aqiq, KR38

    Al Aqiq

  • Al Bukayriyah Mall, KC29

    Al Bukayriyah

  • Al Dar Al Baida, KF26

    Al Dar Al Baida

  • Al Dhubbat, KR27

  • Al Difa, KR97

    Al Difa

  • Al Faiha, KC15

    Al Faihaa

  • Al Hada, KF43

    Al Hada

  • Al Hamra Mall, KR84

    Al Hamra

  • Al Hamra Plaza, KR69

    Al Mansourah

  • Al Hamra, KR25

  • Al Hamra, KR70

    Al Hamra

  • Al Hazm, KR93

    Al Hazm

  • Al Jazirah, KR23

  • Al Khalidiyah, KR44

  • Al Khalidiyah, KR49

    Al Khalidiyah

  • Al Kharj, KC28

    Al Kharj

  • Al Maazer, KR31

    Al Maazer

  • Al Malaz, KR20

    Al Malaz

  • Al Malqa, KF40

    Al Malqa

  • Al Mansourah, KF05

    Al Mansourah

  • Al Maseef, KR16

    Al Maseef

  • Al Mithnab, KC20

    Al Mithnab

  • Al Mohammadiyah, KR10

    Al Mohammadiyah

  • Al Mughrizat, KR74

    Al Mughrizat

  • Al Munsiyah, KR19

  • Al Murabba, KR07

    Al Murabba

  • Al Muzahimiyah Mall, KR95

    Al Muzahimiyah

  • Al Nada Plaza, KR71

    Al Nada

  • Al Nafal, KR98

    Al Nafal

  • Al Nahdah, KC02

    Al Nahdah

  • Al Nahdah, KF06

    Al Nahdah

  • Al Nahdah, KR85

    Al Nahdah

  • Al Nakheel Mall by Arabian Centres, KR88

    Al Mughrizat

  • Al Nakheel Plaza, KC12


  • Al Nakheel, KR60

    Al Nakhil

  • Al Nasim Al Gharbi, KR09

  • Al Nasim Al Gharbi, KR57

    An Nasim Al Gharbi

  • Al Othaim Mall, KC05


  • Al Othaim Mall, KC33


  • Al Othaim Mall, KR48


  • Al Othaim Mall, KR58

    Al Nasim Al Sharqi

  • Al Qadisiyah, KR53

    Al Qadisiyah

  • Al Quds, KR96

    Al Quds

  • Al Rabwah, KR03

    Al Rabwah

  • Al Rabwah, KR08

    Al Rabwah

  • Al Rabwah, KR21

    Al Rabwah

  • Al Rabwah, KR68

    Al Rabwah

  • Al Rass, KC04

    Al Rass

  • Al Rass, KC21

    Al Rass

  • Al Rawabi, KR47

    Al Rawabi

  • Al Rawdah, KR05

    Al Rawdah

  • Al Rayyan, KC26

    Al Rayyan

  • Al Rayyan, KR24

    Al Rayyan

  • Al Rimal, KR92

    Al Rimal

  • Al Sahafah, KR100

    Al Sahafah

  • Al Salam, KC23

    Al Salam

  • Al Taawun, KR36

    Al Taawun

  • Al Tuwaiq Plaza, KR86


  • Al Wahah, KR82

    Al Wahah

  • Al Wurud, KC39

    Al Wurud

  • Al Wurud, KR04

    Al Wurud

  • Al Yarmuk, KR102

    Al Yarmuk

  • Al Yarmuk, KR62

    Al Yarmuk

  • Al Yasmin Plaza, KR79

    Al Yasmin

  • Alageeg Square, KR103

    Al Aqiq

  • Alfaisal University, KR80

  • Alhazm, KR66

  • Alia Plaza, KR78

    Al Rabi

  • Arar, KF07


  • Arar, KF16


  • Aziziyyah, KF13


  • Badiyah, KC19


  • Badiyah, KR13


  • Badiyah, KR39

  • Badr, KR75


  • Buraydah, KC25


  • Buraydah, KC40


  • Dawadmi, KC09


  • Dhahrat Al Badi'ah, KR06

  • Dhahrat Al Badi'ah, KR101

    Dhahrat Al Badi'ah

  • Dhahrat Laban, KF22

  • Dhahrat Laban, KF38

    Dhahrat Laban

  • Dhahrat Laban, KF39

    Dhahrat Laban

  • Diplomatic Quarter, KR43

    Al Safarat

  • Garden Mall, KC27


  • Granada Center, KR50

  • Hail, KC14


  • Hail, KC24


  • Hayat Mall, KR56

  • Irqah, KR83


  • Ishbilia Plaza, KR72

  • Khurais Mall, KR35

    Al Andalus

  • Khurais, KR64

    Khurais Road

  • King Khaled International Airport, KR15

  • King Khalid International Airport, KR65

    King Khalid International Airport

  • King Khalid International Airport, KR99

    King Khalid International Airport

  • King Saud University, KR67

    King Saud University

  • Kingdom Centre, KR30


  • Mode Al Faisaliah Mall, KR22

  • Muhayil, KF34


  • Naseem, KR73


  • National Guard Hospital, KR41

  • New Industrial Area, KR32

    New Industrial Area

  • Olayya, KR01


  • Panorama Mall, KR59

    Al Mathar Al Shamali

  • Peace Mall, KR11

  • Prince Sultan Air Base, KC16

    Al Kharj

  • Qurtuba Plaza, KR77


  • Riyadh Avenue Mall, KC01


  • Riyadh Gallery Mall, KR55

    King Fahd

  • Royal Mall, KR46

    Al Mohammadiyah

  • Salam Mall, KR51

    Al Awali

  • Shaqra, KC08


  • Shuhada District, KR29

  • Sulay, KR28


  • Sultanah, KR12


  • Suwaidi, KR17


  • Tamimi Center


  • Tubarjal, KF27


  • Tuwaiq, KF01


  • Tuwaiq, KR76


  • Umm Al Hamam Al Sharqi, KR63

    Umm Al Hamam Al Sharqi

  • Unayzah, KC03


  • Unayzah, KC13


  • Unayzah, KC22


  • Wadi al Dawasir, KC31

    Wadi Al Dawasir


Recent Reviews
Healthy morning foods with brewed coffee! I had triple pancake with sausage. My friend preferred to have green salad More
The quality of the food is very basic. Quantity very little and I was left with a tummy bug I was really not impressed since I expected a Take away standardMore
They have delicious lunch meal,Cheese cake,Fresh orange juice,3 kinds of breakfast. No delay of preparing the order Treat the customer nicely More
Very nice club sandwich and drinks totally enjoying evening with friends in Riyadh international airportMore
I was told that Kudu is a place to eat Saudi fast food. It's not Saudi or fast. It is a bad imitation of 70's American fast food restaurants. I had a steak sandwich and salad. Steak was as tough as old boots and salad was all brown iceberg lettuce with two bits of tomato. Bad experience, do not go.More