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Kult Kafe

Housed in a colonial-era mansion surrounded by coconut trees and greenery, Kult Kafé is the perfect escape for a laid-back, bohemian and off-the-beaten-track experience. The drinks menu features Archipelago craft beer on tap and cocktails by the legendary local bartender, Zac Mirza. Twists on Read More

Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road
+65 9389 2185
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
While the rest of Singapore city is all hustle and bustle; up on the hill, Kult Kafe introduces its all chilled, smooth and flavoursome escape. Set in an old British colonial-style building though built by Sultan of Siak Indonesia, the 86,439 sq ft grounds of Mt Emily Villa offers you breathing space to kick back and breathe. The bartenders are acknowledgeable of any drinks you'd need, but since you already braved yourself up the knoll, let em surprise you with their fresh and original cocktails. I enjoyed the quiet and spacious environment which is rare for the island and the people you meet there are also not the usual rowdy bunch you'd see in city bars. If you seek to disconnect from the city rush, and relax after your days work or travel. This is the space to be. Read more
We've been in Singapore for a year and in SE Asia for 2.5 years. We've found some good bars in those 2.5 years but after 1 year in Singapore most places we visit have been truly 'Meh' until we found Kult Kafe. Kult Kafe is actually interesting and fun. There's indoor and outdoor space with picnic tables outdoors and shade, almost like a cool beer garden. If you have kids, there's grassy space for them to run around. I would suggest bringing card games or toys as well if you come with kiddos. Kult Kafe has events to bring community around. They also offer very good wine, beer, booze, atmosphere, and food. The food offered is really great even though the bar menu is small. This is our favorite haunt in Singapore! SO happy to have finally discovered this place.Read more
My husband and I went here for pre-dinner beers as we were staying in Mt Emily area. It was great - relaxed chill atmosphere and beers were on tap and $16 a full pint, seemed standard for nice bars in Singapore. Music got louder and louder as evening wore on (fair enough, it’s a bar!) so we were glad we were off to dinner elsewhere. There were some activities suited to littler kids and space for older kids to run around and play and kids and dogs were welcome so it works for families earlier on in the afternoon, less so at night. The place doesn’t look like a cafe from the street, nor even somewhere that one is allowed to go! It has big gates, driveway and grounds at the front and a large banner saying it is a theatre diploma centre, but don’t be put off. The night we were there, there was some dance theatre showing so we couldn’t see the rest of the place. Overall, we really liked it.Read more
Wow, what a great place to chill out after a day pounding the streets. A beautiful setting, gentle breeze, friendly staff. Cocktails and choice of drinks amazing, and now serving vegetarian food - chimichangas, sate and falafels all recommended. Just a pity we're not here to go to any of the arts inspired events. Catch it next time!Read more
I enjoyed every moment here. Amazing cocktails, beautiful and friendly staff, tasty ales and brilliantly imaginative decor. Not to mention the gallery. This place has it all. Read more