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Loca - Abu Dhabi

Loca is a new concept in Mexican dining and drinking. Serving authentic Mexican cuisine, since its opening in October 2009, it has the critics raving. Mexican food outside of Mexico has always been synonymous with Tex-Mex fast-food eateries. Loca has broken that mould. The chef hails from Mexico Read More

1st Level
Al Maryah Island
The Galleria
+971 2 582 3639
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
LOCA ladies night: are you LOCA? Is the slogan... Yes, I was going LOCA, because unfortunately: 1. Table management still remains a big mystery- we were there for 1h and there was a waiting list of at least 10 reservations. I personally spotted 5 empty tables throughout the bar and restaurant that were & remained empty the whole time we were there and after we left. When we asked waiters and waitresses if we could use the table while it’s empty, the answer was: NO. Why? Because someone was coming in a minute.... Ok well 15 min later we did land on one of the tables by the bar and were happy to move as soon as the reservation came... we got kicked out from that table by a hostess / waitress? Only for this table to be taken 5 min later by another random group like us. But for some reason no one kicked them out... 2. Bar - the bar has those bulky square bar stools that were all full, which made it completely not approachable to order any drinks. Unless you ask people to get up from their chairs. The restaurant was full too and the waiters were running around not taking any orders from us, standing at the bar area. No one even came and asked if we were ok and if we needed anything... how do you get a drink in that place? You go to the service area of the bar with hope you can order something quickly and not disturb anyone as much as possible. Then the lovely harrasment experience starts by the bouncers who a. Have no manners whatsoever (hello, customer service training?); b. Have no common sense. He asked us to take our drinks and leave from the service area, although the drinks were still being prepared and he could clearly see that. 2nd time harrasment experience was when settling our tab - again at the service area, because what choices do I have? No one from the service would bring the bill or even look at you. The “lovely” bouncer asked me to move and I said- of course, as soon as I pay. Exactly less than a minute later same man approached me again and asked me to Move again as I stood there with my bank card still in hand and bartender working on my bill. I asked: is it ok if I Pay please??? He said: Ok. (Hello, common sense?). Next to me stood the manager of the restaurant. She looked very nervous, tapping her feet and avoiding eye contact. I looked around and realized how many people were complaining about the experience. Instead of talking to them or helping her team, who were obviously stretched, with service- she just stood there by the bar... great customer service and team spirit. Keep it up. 3. Air conditioning - it is July in Abu Dhabi... the restaurant was hot like a mini sauna. There were even people sitting outdoors hoping if they took the table, they would also get some sort of service... but they were complaining too because no one took their orders. 4. Ordering food - for the first time in my life I was rejected a food order at a restaurant that night too - because, as per the waitress, how & where will I serve you your chips with guacamole? Ummm, maybe at that empty table near me that has imaginary guests sitting there? NO, because they are coming any minute... Ok Finally we were getting too LOCA after about 1h there, so we went to Koya next door, where we happily spent aed1k on drinks and some snacks.... service was amazing and we had great time. Oh and 2 hours after this fiasco I did get a call from Loca informing me they had a table ready for us 😂 My advice to LOCA: 1. stop serving FREE margaritas... or at least limit to 3 per person if you are to keep it free. That way you keep the rotation going and actually make some money on the people like me. OR - charge aed20 for a margarita instead of giving it for free... that will eliminate all the freeloaders who take a seat at your restaurant all night without spending a dime! 2. Work on your staff - they are the key to your customers happiness; if they are miserable because of the conditions you put them in - how are they supposed to provide good service? You may want to have a reality check with that manager too.Read more
Honestly we heard a lot about Loca and we were quite excited about the venue and food. We were promptly seated and our waiter passed us the menu. I asked a few general questions and she seemed unapologetically annoyed about being asked what was included in the brunch menu. Apparently you should arrive to a restaurant well prepared with your order and everything in between. The service was unequivocally slow... like turtle slow and remained so for the duration of the brunch. The guacamole was pretty good and a beautiful touch but when it was made in front of us. The breakfast dish they served was tasty. The main course truly needs a lot of TLC. I ordered the ribs and my husband ordered the beef burrito. The ribs were overly over done and had greasy slimy dressing on top. The burrito sadly contained cold beef with basic tomato sauce tossed on top. There was absolutely no effort put towards this and it’s truly sad to see a restaurant like this cut corners. There was no music. The service was suboptimal and the atmosphere is truly dull. Not worth the money at all. Only thing happening was the water.Read more
We went out to the Loca for the Ladies Night. The margaritas were nice and food also but I saw promotion on the internet (50% discount off food) and when we settled the bill there was no discount. So I asked the waiter and showed this to him and the response was it is not valid. Later I spoke with the manager. He told me you are the 3rd person who is complaining and this is not their fault, this is the webpage’s fault. Then I asked him why are you allowing this fake promotions if it’s not valid? And I didn’t get a prompt reply. I was so angry, he did not even apologise,nothing. It seemed for me he didn’t want to care about it. I think this is not a professional behaviour from a manager.Read more
We went loco at Loca! It was a lovely evening spent huddled around Mexican (well, Tex Mex) food served up with nachos and loads of sour cream. (Yumssss) The beef burritos were alright, a tad bit too generous with the portion of beef. We had enchiladas - 10 stars. Ribs was something some of us had - that was good too. Our only gripe with the place was that it wasn't the best setting to take photos! Place was quite dark sadly. Other than that, it was fantastic! Read more
We visited Loca for the Friday brunch, which they do from 7 30pm till midnight during Ramadan. It was just as good as the usual brunch. As in fantastic! Great atmosphere. Top service. Amazing guacamole made at the table. And delicious food. This time I paced myself a bit so I could fit in the main course. But it's hard because all the starters are so tasty. I love this place! Well done Loca for keeping up standards. Read more