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4 (based on 216 people)

  • Attractions
LOST has created a unique series of real-life escape rooms which are a type of physical adventure game whereby players are locked in a room and are required to use elements of the room to solve a range of puzzles, clues and escape the room within a ... More
Nana wang
Nana wang (2 months ago )
Our group of friends tried an escape game at LOST, and while we didn't manage to escape in time, we had a hilarious and enjoyable time trying to crack the codes and solve the puzzles. The experience strengthened our teamwork and provided lots of laughs. LOST offers an engaging and entertaining way to spend time with friends, even if you don't crack the case!
Gene Hung
Gene Hung (3 months ago )
Our LOST Junior visit had its ups and downs. The 35-minute game length was suitable for our children, but we did find a couple of the puzzles a bit challenging for their age group. Nonetheless, the immersive setup and educational aspect made it a worthwhile outing.
Wayne Beckett
Wayne Beckett (3 months ago )
We enjoyed it and managed to escape (The easiest room), however one of the puzzles was not reset correctly and the cabinet door not closed causing us to lose at least 10 minutes by trying to solve the puzzles out of order. Resetting the rooms properly is very important when we are paying $600
Cindy Wang
Cindy Wang (a month ago )
We picked their Team Battle which is playing their escape rooms by different teams, a quite challenging and the fun part is the scoring scheme which make all of us keep laughing and have a great experience! Their staff were so great so I highly recommend!
Penny Chen
Penny Chen (a month ago )
We went to their The Pulse branch as my twin boys celebrating their 10 years old birthday, their staff Mandy was very helpful, place was so nice and good memories. Games are also well designed.