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Lucky Voice Dubai

Lucky Voice is the most liberating, heart-racing and life-affirming private karaoke experience on earth! We're not about being pitch perfect; we're about the joy of singing with friends! At the heart of Lucky Voice are 11 private and fully soundproof karaoke pods; but with or without karaoke, Lucky ... More

Lucky Voice Dubai

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Standard - Dubai

12 Month Membership
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Saturday brunch (1 offer)

  • AED 350 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 31st Dec 2022

Main course (2 offers)

  • AED 79 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 31st Dec 2022

Available offers...


  • Estimated savings AED 350


  • Estimated savings AED 79

Redeemable at:

  • Grand Millennium Dubai


Recent Reviews
... Long story short, Very dissapointed with and overcharged situation and poorly managed by the manager who couldn't seen what was a clear miss understanding from their employees. HONESTLY first time I'm taking the time to write a BAD review since I REMEMBER..! If you are looking to have fun in a casual, quality place, this is NOT THE ONE.More
Watch out! Absolute scam, been coming since opening and last three times always get overcharged. The manager is a no go to talk to, very rude. We used to love this place but never more. Make sure you always DOUBLE CHECK your bill.More
After hearing what a great time and laugh Lucky voice could be, I was super disappointed with lack of quality in the sounds system and overall experience. The microphones had elastic bands around them to prevent battery’s from falling out, yet failed each time. The lyrics were not in time keeping with the music. The rooms are not well air conditioned, making it a very sweaty experience. The food, however was great . I would think twice about going to Lucky Voice, it’s a shame as I’ve always wanted to experience this place. Good points are if your shy, the cubicles are quite secure and no one can hear you sing.More
I'm saddened that this establishment gives you the run around to refund 500 dihrams that they collected as deposit hmmmMore
2nd time in some weeks i had troubles with security. And i m not a trouble maker. Just wanted to have a good time but they accused me of ridiculous things. In the end they played the card"racism". Even after mediation there were no reasonable talksMore