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McSorley's Ale House

4.1 (based on 107 people)

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McSorley’s is one of the most popular family-friendly destinations, well known for the kid's menu and the spacious al fresco dining terraces. You can forget exotic cocktails and 5-star canapés, this is where a pint of ale and traditional pub fare ... More
M C (4 years ago )
Surprised if it sounds like the only English style pub in Macau!? Actually no it’s not! Although considering if Macau is not much of a beer hub, this would be where to go for some good old times. Classic, old English style pub, did delivered that ambience if so. In North America, tonnes of such pub just around many streets and corners. Fries served hot just right. Beef burger, the smoke meat was average. Food presentation was good. Salad was fine, chicken was overly salted. And there's already bacon bits as garnish. Apple pie served hot with a scope of vanilla ice cream, average. Above average if not overpriced, for its location, inside a casino. Service was attentive, friendly and prompt.
Jagz (5 years ago )
This place is a good sports bar/pub, but be warned it is not cheap, a couple of burgers & a few beers set me back £130. It's a good chill out bar, rather quite mind you, but the staff are bang on, really friendly & nice. I would recommend this, but just be warned it's not cheap.
Sportmensch (4 years ago )
Sadly going there was a quite big disappointment... Foodwise. The Google ratings lead me to think it's gotta be good. I was proven wrong. However the waitresses were nice. I ordered the Bacon Cheese Burger, adding up is not possible adding another Pattie would cost another 180 Dollars... Weird. The taste of the burger was anything but good, hard to chew bacon and the quality of the meat for such a price absolutely below adequate quality... Glad not to have gotten the possibility to size up at that point. My wife took the platter menu, consisting of 2 mozzarella Sticks, two Chicken wings, fries and two chicken Strips. The chicken Strips were the worst I have ever eaten in my life, in no way was that chicken bread filet. Black marks under the batter and unchewable. The two beers served along with it were badly needed. Very important to know is also that the price you see on the menu is not the price on the final bill you have to pay. The burger and the platter cost 180 + 200 Dollars. Those 380 dollars become 432 dollars due to 10 % government taxes and 5% service charge... A quite pricey place with below average quality of food. Nice waitresses and a good musician were on the positive side of the experience... Once and never again!
Chris Blunt
Chris Blunt (6 years ago )
A nice oasis to stop and relax for a beer and snack among the mass of up-market brand name stores. Friendly staff and quite a good food menu. Definitely not suitable for someone on a budget though. MOP370 for four Carlsbergs and an order of french fries.
Charles L'Abri
Charles L'Abri (5 years ago )
Beer and the smell of death. A cousin of mine came here last year and meet Matthew Mcconaughey in the bar. He said he frequents this bar because it has his favorite beer: Yardbird Pale Ale