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Moo Cow

1.3 (based on 4 people)

  • Ice Cream
Mooooooo... Will the real fro-yo please stand up? Yoghurt swirls have been taking over Malaysian's taste buds but there's only one uniquely home-grown brand called Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt! Many people return to visit Mamalia the cow, but most return ... More
SirKossua19n16 (4 months ago )
It is good that the store sells nice nostalgia merchandise, and supports local businesses who prepare old-fashioned biscuits. Unfortunately, my main problem is how the management treats the staff. Generally, the staff here are very friendly and helpful, but one activity I do find objectionable is that they have to stand for half an hour just to ring a bell. Another, as pointed out by another user here, is that the live fish can sometimes die off within a few days. It may scare some customers.
Claudia Tan
Claudia Tan (3 months ago )
Bought 20 pieces of kaya balls here, the bag broke because it was too hot and all the balls fell out. Asked to get a new bag of kaya balls but worker refused until we paid for another one. Then after we paid for another bag, wanted to give us 19 instead because too lazy to do 1 more. Despicable service. Do better!!!!
Nurul Nabielah Amir Mahamud
Nurul Nabielah Amir Mahamud (a year ago )
Stop selling ikan laga in your store. They’re either dead or barely alive
Sue Wong
Sue Wong (8 months ago )
Unfriendly staff. Inconsistent service.