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Namo Avant Thai Restaurant

4 (based on 248 people)

  • Casual Dining
Namo is a must-try culinary destination with a stunning harbour view located in the Empire Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui East. Launched by renowned Thai Chef Khun Wijannarongk Kunchit with Michelin-star Chef Alejandro Sanchez, Namo combines traditional ... More
Not Avail
Not Avail (a month ago )
This was one of the worst experiences that I have had in HK, and I have lived here for 20 years! First off this story started around 3pm on October 8 2023. When we first arrived I wasn’t sure if the location was still open due to the typhoon causing locations to close early. So I politely asked if the place was still open? “knowing they may need close soon due to the weather” after I asked she informed me they were open and to sit down. I placed my order and received pre cooked food, along with watered down coffee within five minutes and WITH THE BILL!!! I didn’t even start my food and the server was asking me and my friend to pay! When I asked what is the issue? They stated they are closing soon due to the weather! After this I was not happy asked them why they didn’t inform us before we sat down! The whole time we ate there the staff was watching me and my friend eat. They were waiting for us to finish so they could go home, while the were gossiping about people which we did not want to hear while we were eating. This food cost $500HK!!! I could get street food in HK for $25HK that taste way better! Very poor service! Not recommended!
Giang Duong
Giang Duong (4 months ago )
This restaurant is totally awful. My friends and I arrived, making eye-contact for the menu, the staff recognized us and he saw us but what he did was only looking at us. Then, nearly 15 minutes later, 1 of us had to stand up and ask the staff to give us the menu. After giving us the menu, he did not even bother to ask what we ordered. He served the others and no matter we made eye contact, we sent the signal to him, he did not care. He gave the menu, and got the order of another couple who arrived later than us around 10-15 mins. Then, after another 12-15 minutes after getting the menu, we had to stand up and ask for the menu again. Super terrible service. Seriously we could walk away, but we tried to be polite that we have been here for around 30 minutes and used their space that we ordered something before leaving. This restaurant totally look down on the tourists, from the time we walked in to the time we walked out.
Dee (4 months ago )
The only thai restaurant we ate at while we were in Hong Kong, it wasn't to bad just needs more flavour. The service was OK, maybe turn up the lights abit more I need to see exactly what I'm eating.
Vishwa Sheta
Vishwa Sheta (8 months ago )
Firstly being a vegetarian, I liked that they have specific column for vegetarian in their menu. We ordered paneer charm, tuk tuk tofu, royal spring rolls & pad Thai, everything was tasteful except the tofu, it had very awful taste and also smelled like non veg n wasn’t up to the expectation. Other than that, their service and outdoor seating is a compliment.
Saadia Usmani
Saadia Usmani (a year ago )
Just had a lovely meal, my husband and I got there 40 mins before their dinner service and they were great and took our order. We had the steamed whole fish, fried tofu with a scrumptious chilli jam, morning glory and the seafood padthai. Everything was excellent, good portion sizes, fresh ingredients and an abundance of flavour. We sat outside and thoroughly enjoyed the food and ambience. Although we live around the corner, we hadn't been to Namo, so thumbs up. We will be back.