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Regency Sealine Camp

Set in a gorgeous location where the desert harmoniously meets the sea, Regency Sealine Camp is the perfect oasis to experience modern luxury in a traditional Arabian setting. Nestled just an hour away from the city of Doha, the camp offers guests the comfort of a five-star hotel in the middle of ... More

12km, Off-road, Sealine Area
+974 4041 5051
Regency Sealine Camp

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Recent Reviews
Overall an amazing experience…. The patio rooms were spacious with connecting rooms fit for bigger families… the bathrooms are extremely clean and top class, very well maintained… ( u dont need to bring any toiletries- its all there… including a loofah…😃😃)… The beach is just amazing- clear water with waves… with personal gazebos for each room… The highlight of our stay was the evening time bon fire… just an amazing experience… the chill sea breeze, a cup of hot chocolate in front of the crackling fire!!! Just amazing!!! Tips for ppl coming for the first time…. 1) Its better to use the complimentary transport from sealine resort roundabout to the camp… if u wish to take ur car then always follow the camp car… Google maps or Waze does not give accurate directions and its very easy to get lost in the desert among the sand dunes with no way out… This happened to us… however thankfully the hotel drivers were ready available to help us out when we sent them their location… 2) Weekends are very very busy… u might have to book well in advance… if its possible a trip during the weekdays is the best option… 3) Its best not to have high expectations regarding the food… whatever was served was tasty and great but the choices were limited… its hardly a negative as the ambience makes up for it completely… 4) Make sure to ask for the bonfire in the evening- its free…More
Everyone enjoyed the stay in the camp. Had wonderful experience with the staff especially in restaurant and in the reception. Mr Sanjay. Also noel and Ross in kitchen. However, the sales department in the camp have been very inconsiderate ( Aizat) I do not wish anymore dealing with her as she has not got any human factor with her customers. I believed if you are in sales you be more accommodating of your customers. Because of that she loss more customers in the futures instead of gaining.More
We stayed in the Royal Tent for 1 night, with 1 queen size bed & 2 single beds. The room carpet is clean without any sands, but the bathroom is a bit small without separation of toilet & shower area. Slippery floor in bathroom after shower due to bad drainage. The room is without satellite tv due to connection issue. Dinner buffet served with reasonable choices of beef, fish, chicken, hot and cold mezze. BBQ chicken and meat are flavorful. Breakfast buffet is just so-so. Wifi is weak and unstable within the camp area. The beach is clean and sandy. You have your own private gazebo on the beach with complimentary iced chilled water. Toilet is not available in beach area, you will need to go back to you own room. One major problem is the stray cats in the outdoor seating area, these cats are aggressive and will attack people if food is not shared to them. I was attacked by the stray cat and needed first aid attention. anyway I want to thank the service manager who helped me on the bandage. Overall is a pleasant stay and is a good getaway, if not nuisance caused by the stray cats, it could be a perfect trip.More
I had high expectations for this weekend away, as it’s not a cheap experience. Everything about the experience is either mediocre or below average. The only saving grace is that the beach itself is beautiful. Service, rooms and food-poor. The tent is called Royal Tent- it’s false advertising as there is nothing royal about the tent, I’d say more like servant quarters from the 90’s. The bathroom themselves- shocking. Three adults sharing a room with one towel. You cannot see the sea from the tents, it’s such a poor design feature, as I am sure that’s what you want to see for a desert sea camp. The service in itself was incredibly slow. The attitude is you are here now, so we can treat you and serve you how we want. As an example one of the tents was playing loud music past midnight- we understand that it’s the weekend, but it’s not an unreasonable request to ask to have the music turned down, so that we may sleep. We went to reception, they couldn’t care less and did nothings. Another example would be that we ordered shisha, that had no water in it and it wasn’t functioning. We called someone over, who said they will call someone else to get us a new one. 30 minutes passes nothing. We go and get someone else who takes the shisha- another 30 minutes passes nothing. We ordered the shisha at 9pm by 11pm we had given up and decided to go to bed and give the shisha a miss. The food was incredibly disappointing- if it were a restaurant I’d never eat there again. They serviced Chinese prawns and kibbeh labna- with no white rice lol. My thought process was that the food would be good as we are paying so much.More
Wonderful location the trip in general was awesome. Every detail was perfect starting from the pick up service, the driver was so friendly, smiley and really made my first impression awesome, the check in was extremely fast thank you Mr. Marwan for your hospitality, the tent was amazing, the beach was very clean and clear, special thanks for the resturant team because of their hospitality, kindness and the delicious food courses they have, room service guy was very polite and helpful, i really appreciate the staff and highly recommend this location for those need to have a new experience or seeking for relaxation.More