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Rush SA - Claremont

4.5 (based on 2856 people)

  • Sports & Leisure
Rush indoor trampoline park offers adventure, excitement, fun and challenges. Enjoy more than 1,700 square metres of wall-to-wall interconnected trampolines, a dodge ball court, a foam pit, a hydraulic slam dunk basketball hoop, ninja warrior Course ... More
Gemini Blue
Gemini Blue (3 months ago )
My charity took a group of 20 (5-8 year old) underprivileged children to RUSH for a morning jump session & what a session it was! I will never forget one of our children getting teary eyed & saying that he thought this type of place only existed in movies. The staff was so friendly & accommodating towards our group. The children were monitored by the safety marshall's at all times. Weekends can get busy so it is highly advisable to get there early. The venue was clean & the eating area is a very nice spot for parents or guardians to sit back & be able to watch from a distance. If you want your children to burn off that extra bit of energy whilst creating core memories for them - RUSH is the place to be!
Excellent Kapa
Excellent Kapa (a month ago )
Awesome activities, took my girlfriend on her birthday with friends,had fun very lit, wow. Best experience ever
Brett Strydom
Brett Strydom (3 months ago )
The service offering which is extreme sports is awesome. The facilities are great and a lot of fun but the place leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to catering for food for parents or even groups. Kids don't care to eat chips and sweets but adults might want something with more sustenance. Their little shop for such a massive place is only a tuck shop at best and sells only hot dogs in the week. No hot chips or even burgers. No wraps which is on their menu but not for sale during the week. Chicken Mayo sandwich on the menu but not for sale either during the week. It's Insane....when you question why...their reply is that they don't have enough customers in the week to make the food but yet we saw at least 75 people in the venue. And when you decide to leave the venue to go the mall 50meters down the passage to grab a quick takeaway they refuse you entry again because they only allow you to eat their own food which is nothing but a hot dog. See attached picture. That's all they sell in the week ... So in frustration, I order hot dogs for my family of 5 and I was told that they only have 1 bun left for a hot dog so I can't even order food and I can't go get my own in the mall. Absolutely Ludicrous.... So I decide to order a coffee and the lady behind the counter brings me a water instead. So I asked where my coffee was and she looked shocked because she thought I ordered a water and had to ring up everything from the beginning. At least I hadn't paid yet. Don't get me wrong here, the staff are friendly but they don't always seem to know what's going on. The lady at the front desk got the colour bands wrong and one of the staff members was heard scolding the lady telling her that she got the colours wrong again! When you're spending between R200-R300 per hour per child, you expect A LOT more. Rather go to Total Ninja. They at least have a full menu and catered wonderfully for our family and many others when we were there. DURING the week ...
Wanja Coetzee
Wanja Coetzee (2 months ago )
You think you're fit, then you visit rush and realize, whoops maybe not as fit as you thought! Haha! It was such a fun experience to hop around! They do sell snacks and drinks there too! Definitely recommend! (Note, you are only allowed to wear RUSH socks. Not any other jumping place's socks even if they are proper grip socks). Have a fun time hopping around!
Lebohang Mwelase
Lebohang Mwelase (2 weeks ago )
Our experience at Rush was nothing short of amazing. Gershon went above and beyond with assisting my nephew and myself, and he made our experience all the more enjoyable. I will definitely be bringing my nephew back for the obstacle course because he couldn’t get enough of it. A huge thank you to our favourite employee, Gershon, for making my nephew’s first Rush experience a memorable one.