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Dine in style and enjoy the delicious Mediterranean cuisine at Safina where expert chefs create culinary specialties inspired by the sea. Take a bite of mouth-watering fresh fish and many other delights at this memorable spot. Here, you’re surrounded by witty and uniquely decorated interiors. Read More

Saadiyat Beach Club
Saadiyat Island
+971 2 656 3500
[email protected]

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Gourmet Abu Dhabi 2020

Never pay full-price for drinks on a night out again. You won't even mind buying a round.

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Recent Reviews
We chose Safina for lunch on Monday January 6 to celebrate my birthday at the beach. Very slow service, after ordering drinks (two chose coffee, two chose wine) it took 20 minutes to deliver to our table. The wine pour barely covered the bottom of the glass. The two ladies who ordered coffee (the same kind) had completely different colours of coffee and flavour. Two of us ordered the Chicken Tikka wraps. The chicken tasted like it was a few days old, no tilka flavour at all, kind of like the chef threw some old chicken into some mayonnaise. The sweet potato fries were good as well as a surprise birthday treat my friends arranged beforehand. Even with the Entertainer I thought it was poor value for the money we spent. Read more
We decided to revisit the restaurant to celebrate my husband's birthday. I emailed the restaurant a few days before to make a reservation for 2 pax and specifically mentioned we would like a table away from crowd especially those with kids. We arrived midday and we led to our table which at that time, we were the only guests in the restaurant. We ordered an appetizer, a main course and a dessert to share. The food was served promptly whereby the taste and quality were as good as our first visit. As we were enjoying our main course, a family with two toddlers were led to the table next to us. The father was trying to settle his kids down while they were intending to meddle the cutlery creating a significant amount of noise. While we were half way through our dessert, there came another family with 3 children and were led and seated right behind us. There is when my husband started to really hurry through as the kids were restless and noisy the moment they got to their table. By the sense of that, I had swiftly asked for bill which took a while to be given to us. When it was finally presented, the waiter noticed there was an error and.had to send it back to reprint, again that took a while. By then, we were just swarmed by the noises of unsettled kids around us and we just can't wait to leave. No doubt we supposedly enjoyed the taste of the food, however we felt short of the level of attentiveness of waiters/waitresses especially when we specifically indicated our request via email. The restaurant should be segregate table seating sections whereby for family with kids, and those that wanted to enjoy good food in a calm and peaceful dining.Read more
We have been there as a family and had lunch. The service is very good, we have been supported with the menue selection in a very helpful way, the food was really amazing and the ambience relaxing and energizing. Thank youRead more
Delicious food with vegetarian options. The service was impeccable and our server Tuan was very accommodating. I would recommend booking in advance. Read more
Thank you Rangga for the Paella - it's one of my best paellas indeed. Aside that the menu are truly apetizing, the warm hospitality of their staff was truly unforgettable as well. I have to mention that they have beautiful food presentation -perfect for people who love food photography.Read more