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SF Coffee

3.9 (based on 10 people)

  • Beverages
In 1997, a coffee company with a simple, yet noble mission was created. That company was San Francisco Coffee and their mission was to serve the freshest, “just roasted” coffee. Sourced from the best coffee farms on this green earth, their in- ... More
NG BB (3 months ago )
A cozy corner to hide yourself away the crowds from Twin Towers or KLCC area, as it’s located at the Sky Lobby of Tower 3, the 3rd tower after Twin Towers, but linked together. Most of the customers here are Petronas staffs. The sky lobby is at 6th floor, just press SL from ground floor lobby and straight up, need to via a security check only can access to the cafe.
Alex Murdoch
Alex Murdoch (6 months ago )
Super efficient and knows the regular customer. I was queuing, the barista knew my regular order and prepared in advanced, and I got my order upon tapping my card to pay. Amazing.
Wesley van der Laan
Wesley van der Laan (a year ago )
Entrance exclusively for people working in the tower. Otherwise you refused and sent to the noisy shopping mall location.
Wan Ibrahim
Wan Ibrahim (a year ago )
Good service
Ikhwan Roslan
Ikhwan Roslan (3 years ago )
Calm and suitable for discussion.