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SF Coffee

3.9 (based on 28 people)

  • Beverages
In 1997, a coffee company with a simple, yet noble mission was created. That company was San Francisco Coffee and their mission was to serve the freshest, “just roasted” coffee. Sourced from the best coffee farms on this green earth, their in- ... More
adrian adrian
adrian adrian (a year ago )
barista very nice, coffee was gr8 and v affordable 👌
Watie STEALTH (5 years ago )
Located at ground floor. Nice and modern interior with lively colors that are vibrant and energetic. Obviously the best coffee option especially espresso. Foods are getting better and delicious compare to before. Staffs are friendly and willing to hear customers view. At least San Francisco coffee staffs here are not lazy to sent drinks to their customer. Tq
Raynita Mani
Raynita Mani (7 years ago )
Been to this outlet many times over the past 6 years but was really disappointed with the service today by the new waiter there!! He failed to asked me if i wanted sugar with my iced coffee and when i requested for him to add the sugar, the mixture turned out bad cos the coffee was already cold. Asked him to make a new one for me, he said okay but rudely told me off next time to request for sugar when I order. Who orders iced coffee without sugar?? Though they have sugar on the side, it wont melt if the coffee is cold. I believe he should ask the customer if they want sugar with their coffee or tea if it's iced. Ordered the Chicken wrap today and it was served burnt and the chicken was slightly raw as well. Overall will never visit this outlet anymore as the service was really poor and the waiter should be trained on manners.
Noob Penguin
Noob Penguin (8 months ago )
I came here today noon 25 Mar 23 .. the lady staff was very attentive and friendly .. I didn't have to ask her she did the packing for me already coz I'm using the walker .. I was having a bad day and she made my day .. if I'm passing by that area again I'm definitely coming back 💛💛
Cw Tham
Cw Tham (8 years ago )
Best frappé in town but the food has got a huge space to improve. Note: This outlet is not a branch of San Francisco Company holdings, so they don't give out loyalty stamps or accepts redemptions.