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SMÖOY is the number one, authentic frozen yoghurt in Spain and now it's in Singapore! SMÖOY is not just another froyo, it is a new concept with weekly flavours and low-fat ice cream to please everyone! Come and check their delicious 36 toppings and seasonal fresh fruits! SMÖOY is for the icy ... More

6 Shenton Way
Raffles Place
+65 8485 8686

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  • OUE Downtown

    Raffles Place


Recent Reviews
There are days when i get more yogurt with the small size than when i buy the medium. The serving size is inconsistent and can be pathetic sometimes. The toppings are also no generous. For example if you order the chocolate sauce, they only glacé it on one side of the yogurt. I will take LLAOLLAO any other time.More
i was there after a client meet ..i just want to give a try to smooy wen i pass through the shop...No wonder they have varieties of toppings to be add on the top of sweet ice cream..i really love it especially the dark chocolate sauce..😍More
My first visit last week to this outlet located on the 3rd floor of the OUE Downtown building. It's pretty much a takeaway place (nowhere to sit), but service was reasonably efficient. The yoghurt was good although maybe a bit too sweet. I opted for strawberries and kiwi as the toppings.More
I have tried many frozen yogurt & smöoy is the best in term of choice of toppings. I like to take the mini cup of icecream with a sauce (ferrero rocher is a must try) + add extra 2 toppings when I'm greedy. But as I am on diet, I used to take my froyo natural with only fruits, and smöoy offers the natural yogurt taste, sweeter and creamier than other froyo I've tried. Perfect after a workout session :)More
This is the first smöoy outlet in Singapore. The natural yoghurt flavour is similar to llaollao but a little sweeter and less sour. It is also lighter in texture, as compared to llaollao which is more compact. Apart from the natural flavour, they have chocolate and "special" flavoured yoghurt. The special flavour when I visited was a berry based one. You can choose from a single flavour or a split flavour. For $5.50 I got a huge serving of yoghurt plus two toppings. It's good value but unfortunately it got too sickly towards the end. I would still head back whenever I have a froyo craving but will opt for the mini instead. More