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Southern Rock Seafood

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Southern Rock Seafood is a collaboration between Paul James, owner of Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar and Bangsar's Southern Rock Seafood wholesalers - a restaurant located beside the latter's retail store. Southern Rock Seafood offers the finest and freshest selection of oysters and seafood in Kuala ... More

32-34 Jalan Kemuja, Off Jalan Bangsar
+603 2282 8315
Southern Rock Seafood

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Recent Reviews
First off, this is a review on their food delivery and not dine-in. Southern Rock Seafood has been established since 2008, importing and distributing seafood. They even have their own chain of restaurants and seafood bars. However, how do they fare in a takeaway service? Service: We placed the order via a third party app hence was pretty straight forward. Packaging: Nothing much to rave about with ordinary take away boxes Lobster Spaghetti (RM 98) Taste: Teasing us with the alluring scent which made its way out of the delivery box, we snatched the meal out with much anticipation. Although the lobster meat was a little over cooked, it was sizeable and sliced up making it easy for the diner to consume. The pasta was aldante and cooked in a tomato mashed sauced. Finished with garden fresh cherry tomatoes. Price: Reasonable Seared Scallop (RM 25) Taste: The scallops were nicely seared with a nice smooth texture within. They were rested atop a bed of sautéed spinach with garlic and finished with a dollop of caviar making a lovely side dish to the main. Price: Reasonable Recommended? Although the lobster was a little overdone, it still made a very tasteful stay home meal for the family More photos and videos are available on Instagram and Youtube (@monk3yseendo)More
Oysters! Moules frites. Delicious seafood when cooked fresh. The chef’s special seafood appetizers are always something to look forward to. A glass of sauvignon blanc is my favourite wine to go with my choice of dishes. The pasta with scallops is prepared with garlic, chili and oil and the portion is generous. I’ve been twice and I’m always happy with what I ordered. First visit was as a couple. We went back recently with family. Unfortunately, their fish and chips can be better. Dessert options are limited but excellent.More
Three of us went dining on a Saturday evening. Started with delicious fresh raw oysters (Ireland, Australia). Then shared grilled sardines on toasts. Good but fat overload. Toast could be toasted longer and served plain. Sardines served in garlic butter. Then things went out of control as apparently the kitchen lost it! One guest ho his main dish (good dover sole). Then it took 10 minutes for the second guest to get his main (Spaghetti) and other 10 minutes for the third guest to be served!! My "wild fish" was ok but very salty. The main was srrved with the "Chef's vegetable " or green beans that day. I got TWO beans!!! Be reasonable! Finally, remove empty plates only when all guests are finished. Not one at a time. Service was fine. Will try again during the week to see if dining experience has improved.More
SOP for RMCO done properly but was disappointed that the waiter who served us did not put on his mask properly. We ordered fish and chip and lobsters for dinner. Is just below average. Fries was not crispy and look been re-fry. guess it used the dirty oil to fry that. More
We had our xmas dinner celebration at this restaurant because we were excited to try the fish/seafood. We ordered two pots of mussels as appetiser and each one of us had a fish entree as our main. When the mussels arrived, we saw that something was off and the mussels look stale. We've made a complaint to the staff but they said that is how the mussels normally look. The day after we had dinner at this restaurant, the whole family felt sick and doctor diagnosed that it is due to contamination of food/ food poisoning. We wished that the staff and chef were more honest and direct about the food served to their customers. And be more diligent about their food prep. Sadly, they are not. This restaurant is officially blacklisted and we will not go back there anymore.More